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Video: Big Boi’s “Big” Ballet Production

Big Boi and Janelle Monae perform at the Atlanta Ballet. I definitely would’ve thought that video cameras would be frowned upon at the ballet, but I’m not cultured like that. Footage courtesy of SOHH Gyant, spotted via Miss Info.

Previously: The AP on Big Boi’s Ballet Production

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11 Responses to “Video: Big Boi’s “Big” Ballet Production”

  1. Werknplay Says:

    Lol… I need a party.!!

  2. not ur average joe Says:

    so what…big boi isn’t actually doing any ballet?


  3. Trent Says:

    What the f**k is this?

    Stop the madness!

    The ballet dancers should be front and center and the music should play the background.

  4. Richie Cunning Says:

    One of the most impressively awful ideas I’ve seen in in quite some time.

  5. The Priest Says:

    It’s good to see hip-hop be appreciated. Although hip-hop is popular, it is not well respected. This blending of the arts could help change that if keept up. Big up Big Boi!

  6. BonVivant Online Says:

    big boi’s ballet debuts at the fox…

    The Atlanta Ballet’s performance of ‘big’ is an audacious display of a hybrid art form…and a unique social experiment

  7. the hayti dream Says:


  8. Honey Says:

    I went…it was HOT! Would go again if I had the money.

  9. RapBlog.ch » Rapschlagzeilen - Woche 15/2008 Says:

    […] Big Boi’s Ballett-Produktion […]

  10. lomax Says:

    those dancers were really bad…..soo out of sync. But big boi is the man no doubt…..no matter what.

  11. Nah Right » Video: Big Boi – The Train Pt. 2 (Sir Lucious Saves the Day) Says:

    […] Off Sir Luscious Leftfoot: Son Of Chico Dusty, filmed during Big Boi’s stint with the Atlanta Ballet. […]

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