Eminem Stan Sentenced in Cell Phone Theft

Remember this kid? He stole Kim Mathers’ cell phone from a bingo hall (classy) and started crank calling Em and Obie, asking them to listen to his demo. Then when Em screamed on him, he sampled it and made a song about it. Good times. Well, the little homey was recently sentenced to a year of probation and hit with a $230 fine for his stannery. 

Download: Kyle Spratt – Slim Sellout

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53 Responses to “Eminem Stan Sentenced in Cell Phone Theft”

  1. MrOctober Says:

    kid kinda ripped em,

  2. Check yourself Says:

    I agree with MrOctober.. I reckon he did Rip em to a certain extent.. I think his diss hit harder than anyone elses shitty attempts.

  3. pest control tulsa Says:

    Don’t you hate it when there’s a trail of ants marching across your kitchen counter tops? Or when you find ants nibbling on crumbs in the cupboard or along the baseboards?

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