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Curtis – Liar Liar (No DJ)


Curtis – Liar Liar (No DJ)

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16 Responses to “Curtis – Liar Liar (No DJ)”

  1. mrfan Says:


  2. king Says:


  3. Makkavelitd4 Says:

    gaabage. a step up for curtis

  4. King Vulture Says:

    yo eskay on some real shit…you be usin the funniest pics of 50. u a funny nigga

  5. jb142 Says:

    i actually dont mind this.

    (no eskay)

  6. SCIFEN Says:

    He plays a policemen in his next movie. What a gangsta.

  7. DJ Dee Says:

    This better be good. The nigga starting to slip if you ask me.

    I have a nahright profile.

  8. Gem Says:

    I fucks with this. Same shit I think when I talk to bitches.

  9. Kennedyz Says:

    lil better than the other shyt than been droppin…keepn it consistent though

  10. frank lee speakin Says:

    curtis bit ja rule’s whole style.

  11. Dipset all day Says:

    not bad fif but u can do betta

  12. DedPrezidentials Says:

    I think it’s aight, actually. Seems like there’s been too much Curtis hatred ’round these parts recently.

  13. chico Says:

    frank lee if he is bitin Ja rule he is doin it better

  14. jfoxgotraps Says:

    CURTIS? that is weak. not funny or clever. em and dre need to do some operating

  15. Ja Rule REMEMBER ME Says:


    GGGGG-Unit !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  16. Hip Hop Babe Says:

    no thanks

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