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Video: Failed Ideas in Hip-Hop 2

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18 Responses to “Video: Failed Ideas in Hip-Hop 2”

  1. green eyes Says:

    damn I wish I could see this. sounds moderately comical

  2. Da PartyStarter Says:

    Wowsers!!! (c) Inspektah Gadget

  3. AJ Says:

    uno lol

  4. The-XFacta Says:

    ‘Look the television caters to pop, not violent hits…… The Unit ain’t fall off it’s all politics’-Lloyd Banks

  5. Big Homie Says:

    LMAO at

    Knock knock.
    Who’s there?
    Mims who?
    Exactly, that is what I am sayin

  6. AJ Says:

    MIMS WHOOOOOOOOOO! LOOOOOOOOOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. D_block_4_life Says:

    I keep my money under the bed fuck Banks (c) Buddens

  8. The-XFacta Says:

    “You wanna go to war? OK OK we’ll go to war. Catch ya slippin put-ya put-ya brains on the floor”-Sir Curtis

  9. The-XFacta Says:

    “Nigga you violate me I’m sending you to God. I’m no peacemaker……… that’s my jewelers job!”- Lord Banks

  10. The-XFacta Says:

    *Creates account for ‘Thisis50’*

  11. eskay Says:

    my necklace glamorous, my breakfast cannibus

  12. D_block_4_life Says:

    ‘ I spit straight up piff, I did real songs with big no made up shit’

  13. The-XFacta Says:

    “Yesterdays dap is tomorrows dis”

    *The realest quote of the blood-clot year*

  14. Sindy Says:


  15. miltee Says:

    lol, this shit owns

  16. not ur average joe Says:

    i didnt think ‘soulja boys ii men’ sounded that bad

    am i a bad person?

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