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The Game ft. BWS & Omar Cruz – Our Turn (G-Unit Dis)


The Game ft. Black Wall Street & Omar Cruz – Our Turn (G-Unit Dis)

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21 Responses to “The Game ft. BWS & Omar Cruz – Our Turn (G-Unit Dis)”

  1. NotU Says:


  2. NotU Says:


  3. BK2LV Says:

    what up what up

  4. moneyray Says:

    game lost

  5. m5 Says:

    http://www.myspace.com/m5promotions http://www.myspace.com/nore NEW NORE ALBUM COMING SOON!!! BUT FIRST!! CAPONE-N-NOREAGA- REPORTING THE WAR- COMING SOON! NEW SINGLE COMING SOON!!

  6. d Says:

    thats not omar cruz…its some guy called power

  7. Ehblogspot Says:

    WOW This guy needs jesus! When was the last time G-Unit dissed him? When was the last time he spit a decent verse?

  8. ThatDude Says:

    wow dis cat game sound like jeffery wit a cold

  9. Trillmatic Says:


  10. Dark Skinned Man Says:

    The Game is still alive?

    My twelve year-old sister spits hotter rhymes then he does.

  11. ajpone Says:

    why is he doin this, this is gettin old. G-unit really could care less about him, they still makin dolla$$$$$ wit out him. and real talk this is the new game CD

    LAX=dick riding/and apologizing of and to dr. dre, shout out to curtis/hatred of 50, game sayin king of west and faking his voice to sound like dre.

    ^put my money on that ish like i did kansas

  12. luis Says:

    What???? This asshole’s still talking about the GROUP who helped him blow up….what a fag. Just like esGay…..he’s a fag too.

  13. outlaw_immortal Says:

    It’s a hot track! Hes the only real barrier 50 couldnt handle – wtf was 300 shots? And that summer mixtape. He curtis’ them!

  14. Check yourself Says:

    That shit wasn’t worth a listen let alone a download… Game = Clown Shoes.. He’s got the Star to match. What a fucking worthless cunt he is… I just don’t get him.. I never will… I did try at the start.. He’s needs more than Jesus.. He needs to be silenced, not cos he’d dangerous..shiiit, he’s a bubble gum bitch who represents everything I hate in Hip Hop.

  15. 310homes Says:

    Why does it say Omar Cruz? That’s not Omar Cruz on this wack ass diss!!!

  16. realrelz Says:

    Damn game, move on. This is starting to remind me of when you break up with a girl and she keeps on calling and calling so you pick up once or twice and call her a crazy bitch……..and she still calls….man I miss high school

  17. beniz Says:

    lol at u guys, game dissign gunit is good its entertainment and wats the big deal, 50 cent dissd ja rule n fat joe n hasnt stoped so who gives a shit..

  18. charlie roc Says:

    Yo this nigga a corn he sees that he don’t have no buzz and comes with a wack ass diss smh I really hope gunit really get him this time so he can shut the fuck up this nigga got a mo hawk that’s not hiphop u lame and his single aint gettin no love and he’s tight that the unit got a big buzz right now

  19. OnRapRadio Says:

    Omar Cruz isnt on this track.

  20. phillislongblack Says:


  21. phillislongblack Says:


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