Video: The Mic & The Crescent

A video clip of a lecture on Hip-Hop & Islam by Adisa Banjoko at Harvard University.

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22 Responses to “Video: The Mic & The Crescent”

  1. The Truth... Says:

    Peace to the Gods….

  2. chea Says:

    fuck es

  3. chea Says:

    eskay Says:

    April 3rd, 2008 at 12:46 pm
    >>fux for real, what do you care, anybody who takes eskay to be an arbiter of good taste in music lost, dude just posts what he likes but nobody agrees with him on everything

    fuck you, I like the Blu album, I just think niggas is exaggerating how good it is.



  4. Mark Twain Fame Says:

    jeez eskay is just shittin out psots today…what you got a quota to keep up with?!…

    a interview with those Cappacino dudes…The Knux.

    DX: Given Interscope’s track record, are you surprised that they let you get away with that?
    KK: Nah, ‘cause we got balls. I don’t know if you knew, but before this we had a deal with Matthew Knowles. He was our manager and it was like a big “Unsigned Hype” thing going on. This is how we beat them. All these Hip Hop artists always ask for more money. We didn’t ask for more money, but we did ask for all the control. We said, “Give us our own imprint deal over here, and give us all the control. We don’t want nobody telling us anything, and we’ll turn the songs in when we turn them in.” They said, “Oh, okay. Y’all don’t want more money? Alright, we’ll do that.” A lot of artists don’t get control because they want too much money up front. You’re gonna eventually get the money if you make a good album.
    RA: Yeah, if you don’t ask for $10 million up front they won’t be all up in your shit. I know if I gave somebody that type of money I’d be like, “Hey, what’s the first single?” I’d be all up in their shit and make sure that I at least got my money back.

    —thats some smart ish right there…

  5. G7 Says:

    mosque of hip hop

  6. eskay Says:

    >>All I’m saying is.. some shit for your people. You can’t see the snakery in a grown man that rushes an album to market to coincide with a movie that depicts Frank Lucas as some kind of icon in black history meanwhile Obama been running for president for 18 months and I aint heard 18 words from Jay about none of that shit.

  7. chea Says:

    i AM hip-hop and islam

    allahu akbar pa

  8. Mark Twain Fame Says:

    @ Facta I like that Homecoming song…I’m a coldplay fan so…

  9. Dem Says:

    those Cappacino dudes…The Knux.

    ^ i heard that track is pretty dope, but no one ever has a link.

  10. Mark Twain Fame Says:

    chea you better chill or you be wondering why one day you cant log-in anymore…ha.

  11. chea Says:

    @ mtf props those dudes sound smart and capuccino is a ill song

  12. Mark Twain Fame Says:

    anyways lunch time…

  13. 456 Says:

    Obama been running for president for 18 months and I aint heard 18 words from Jay about none of that shit.

    ^you are misinformed.

  14. Mark Twain Fame Says:

    yeah they speak some good stuff in the interview chea…check it it’s on HipHopdx…

    aight grubbin time.

  15. catch22 Says:

    LF: after yesterday’s “what did wu-tang pioneer in hip-hop” discussion, i d’ld a shit ton of old wu songs and albums. mostly stuff from the “lesser known” wu-affiliates and shit like killarmy, sunz of man, hell razah, etc. that shit is hot fire. fuck what phoenixx thinks.

    killarmy – feel it

  16. SpotOn Says:

    Isnt this therapup dude? Big things popping

  17. El Feces Loco Says:

    ^^^Adds that to the pic of Jay handing out turkeys in Marcy

    I just youtubed Jayz + Obama 447 searches came back the first 4 are all the same 20 second clip of Jay yelling “Fuck Bush..yes we can”….wow you really proving me to be wrong..Jay is cosigning Obama heavy.

    *releases sarcasm lever*

    The rest of the clips don’t have much to do with Jay per se..just rap in general.

  18. Willy Swagger Says:

    Ya I met killa army in ’99 along with Wu-Gambinos ….. Hell Razah dropped a dope album last year

  19. The Truth... Says:

    Yo es, that Jay Z clip about Obama…..that shows how much power someone like Jay Z has. I am not one that will do something just because an artist says to do it, but the reaction of the crowd said a lot.

    I wonder what sort of agreement Jay and Obama have?! Really….we’ve all heard Obama speak well about Jigga. I’m sure that’s a “you scratch my back, I scratch yours….no homo” type of situation.

    I wonder what Jigga’s gonna get in return….or what the plan is.

  20. Mohammed Says:

    5%ers is not islam homie.

  21. el philth Says:

    respect whoever posted this video ,it makes all the sense you begin to watch it and understand what exactly went wrong with hip hop …i never seen it like that but its TRUE when the GODS ruled HIP HOP u had law & order..respect and knowledge was the order of the day..consciousness was the majority ISLAM-not the muslim post 9-11 shit either-but true ISLAM had a prescence in the black community-i remember them days..alot of shit that we allow 2day would never exist then(FAGS,COONS,UNCLE TOMS,SNITCHES,DOPEGAME) IF IT DID EXIST IT WAS UNDERGROUND..they attacked the craft and these psuedo christian- white boy lovin- sodomizing- self hating- dumb deaf and blind -materialistic batty boys fags invaded took over destroyed the game now we have soljah boy and hurrican chris runnin shit??? WAKE THE FUCK UP

  22. kost2kost Says:

    uck you, I like the Blu album, I just think niggas is exaggerating how good it is.




    You heard that song with V.I.C produced by soulja boy its pretty dope so dont hate to hard.

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