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Video: Cuban Link – High Blood Pressure (Fat Joe Dis)

Featuring S-One, Hocus .45th, Drop, Mysonne & Lord Tariq.

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22 Responses to “Video: Cuban Link – High Blood Pressure (Fat Joe Dis)”

  1. Digital scales Says:

    i dont know i think motherfuckers take this hiphop shit too personal from a fans perspective….i fucks with nas cause of his music, not on the ammount of money he makes or whatever, niggas always talk shit about nas for not starting a strong lable and click of artist like jay did with rocafella, BUT WE SEEN HOW THAT TURNED OUT(see: beans and freeway problems and biggs dame and jay breakup), the nigga jayz is 44 and still making rap albums, niggas having breakfast with bill gates, in the hood that shit isnt moving anybody, yeah i think it was corny that dhaven went out his way to make a dvd basically pleeding his case about jayz, but his case is real, how you not gon set up sombody you came up with when you worth 500 mill or whatever it is??? what he wanna die with his money?? hes not a sucker??? im sure them white business niggas is raping jay

  2. G7 Says:

    how long can you make diss records about somebody before you step to them. Fat Joe & Cuban is on some 10th anniversary beef. smh.

  3. eskay Says:

    >>im sure them white business niggas is raping jay

    ^wow, you mad? you sound a little salty, have yourself a chilled coffee

  4. Digital scales Says:

    yo let me tell you somthing about cuba, and i hope you see this pana…


    everybody is expecting you to diss fat joe, you still salty

    fuck it nigga move on, make that music, you should of stood making that reggeaton, you was getting some love but you keep getting at fat joe, you should go to 50 cent and diss him together, but nah make this ya last diss record at fat joe, cause its corny after 5 years

  5. Digital scales Says:

    i wrote all that and you caught the last line??

    camels could spit, i aint gon front i am not mad at jay, ima jay fan, his early shit is dope,

    but this rich jay z isn’t my style, if that makes me mad then it is what it is, im just a fan of hiphop and i fuck with what i can relate too

  6. G7 Says:

    *daps digi scales, esko*

  7. Casual T Says:

    wow… First I hear that Elephant Joe is coming through to Souf Africa for a concert with Akon… then the Goon Unit is coming though too after that…

    last time there was a Goon Unit concert in Johannesburg.. there were 13 year old white kids showing up in bullet-proof vests..

    Dont hate on Jay… he’s got people doing that for him already..

  8. eskay Says:

    >>but this rich jay z isn’t my style, if that makes me mad then it is what it is, im just a fan of hiphop and i fuck with what i can relate too

    you hear yourself? you’re salty.

  9. The Known World Says:

    Eskay an iced coffee on top of this high blood pressure video may be a little too much for the heart. How bout a nice cup of kava kava…

  10. cOLD Says:

    that I20 vidoe was suprisingly dope! Fuck the south still though

    Yo how come you aint hear shit more from Dehaven, after Jay finally addressed him with the line

    ” Fuck dehaven for caving, thats why we dont speak made men aint supposed to make statements”

    Isnt that what Dehaven wanted; Jay to acknowledge his existence.

    You think Jay gave the nigga some hush money
    Or what Jay said struck a cord and Dehaven realized he was being bitchmade by airing the dirty laundry and that it is in fact true made men dont talk reckless regardless.

  11. ILLAIM Says:


    Okay track….

    But unenthusiastic niggaz rapping in cheap videos is starting to bore me a lil…

    That’s sad thing in this whole Cuban/ Fat Joe saga is…

    Cuban can actually spit a lil yo… And after 24k got deaded he never really dropped anything else

  12. No more ty big's just call me Kenard Says:

    G7 Says:
    April 3rd, 2008 at 8:46 am
    how long can you make diss records about somebody before you step to them. Fat Joe & Cuban is on some 10th anniversary beef. smh.

    ….. especially considering cuban got his face slashed because of this shit, I’m sorry if you slice my face I’m caming at you not making multiple diss records 10 + years ago, and Lord Tariq ? WTF ? only one one here with any creditability is Mysonne but at the same time he’s just looking for exposure cause he would of sworn he would of had a deal since he came home….

    * rap beef is dead *

    hopefully ninjas talking about other ninjas money is next

  13. No more ty big's just call me Kenard Says:

    eskay Says:
    April 3rd, 2008 at 8:52 am
    >>but this rich jay z isn’t my style, if that makes me mad then it is what it is, im just a fan of hiphop and i fuck with what i can relate too

    you hear yourself? you’re salty.

    ….. Listen theres no denying that when he

    ” took off the blazer and lossened up the tie /
    nigga fell in love and superman died ”

    but at the same time thats not where his focus is now, he doesn’t care about rap pas much as he cares about making his money now, so consider him retired or past his prime with his mind focused on money only and learn to live with it, everyone falls off to some degree one way or another I can’t hate that his rap skills have suffered while his bank account benefits, good for him however he should be trying to put other good music on to fill his spot for that he is foul but he is a greedy selfish bastard this isn’t exactly new news is it ? and for that matter he damn sure ain’t the only one like that

  14. game over Says:

    I don’t think most of those dudes were even dissing Joe. They were just spitting random bars.

  15. Don The Hit Man Chulo.. Says:

    Damn a gang of nobodys spiting trash if your over 34 with your hat tilted to the side living in your moms or girls crib paying no rent and shooting rap videos with a digital camera, then I think its time for you to move on……….

  16. GlacierDon Says:

    It’s personal with joe. U internet dudes juss don’t get it. This ain’t ah good look for joe.

  17. LUST Says:


  18. LUST Says:

    why dont ya niggas that talk crazy online talk that shit on the streets!
    we got shit on lock from east elmhurst 2 south side!! fuck fat joe and all them pussy motha fuckas behind him!! come holla at us hillside ave and 183 st!! anyday anytime!! QUEENS!

  19. gffhgdj Says:

    The two rappers have been feuding since the passing of Big Pun in early 2000. Fat Joe once served as Cuban Link’s manager and touted the release of his debut album 24K.

    However, as the release date of the album continued to be pushed back, Cuban Link and Fat Joe severed business ties.

    Shortly after, at an album release party for Angie Martinez in the Bronx, Cuban Link claims Fat Joe set him up, which resulted in the Cuban rapper’s face being sliced.

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  22. mike tyson Says:

    ppl are rite sign up wid G unit. nw dont get me rong they aint the hardest niggas out ther (no one wants to brawl wid dmx cuz they no the dog will come out to play) but u’ll make a ton of money n the hip hop dream team will be made rite ther can u imagin 50 cent, cuban link, dr dre, snoop dogg n eminem on 1 track oh my lord no point talkin bout joe cuba he’s dun he’s finished fanito no more 50 took him outta the game join 50 join jay z or even timberland u’ll make a tun of money n wont hav to wory bout that pussy fat joe ur nukles already seen his 2 teeth. still make the mix tapes wid a cupple dis traks on it if it makes u feel betta but go n make anuva tune like sugadaddy n an album like 24 k or chain reaction cuz those r classics up der wid doggy style d Chronic n all eyez on me n creepin on a come up n illmatic they wer classics as was urs go out make an album do fings rite move foward not backward

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