I Got the Oddest E-Mail About Wale Today…


From a publicist…

Last night LA’s hot spot Area night club was packed to the brim with party goers who came out to see DC hip hop artist Wale, who just two weeks ago signed a joint venture deal with Interscope and three time Grammy winner Mark Ronson’s Allido Records. Lindsay Lohan was there in full effect as well as Travis Barker and Wiz Khalifa. And let me tell you, Lindsey LOVES WALE! She’s a huge fan of his and invited him to her table to kick it before his performance. Samantha Ronson was spinning and although Kanye and Common tore it down at Area last week, last night was way more tabloid worthy lol.

So Julia Louis-Dreyfus and Lindsay huh? Not your typical rapper co-signs to say the least…

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32 Responses to “I Got the Oddest E-Mail About Wale Today…”

  1. Willy Swagger Says:

    ok now this bitch is bubbling but only after my detestable comments towards the server

  2. RIGZ Says:

    Wale’s better than most of the new rappers/artists I’ve heard.

    I been sayin Nike Boots & 100 Miles… were phenomenal before most people clocked on…

    His musics fresh

  3. that guy Says:

    so what, i dont see what the big deal is…eskay is a big Lindsay Lohan fan

  4. catch22 Says:

    thank God for that whiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiite

  5. Willy Swagger Says:

    Julia Louis-Dreyfus

    ^^ I used to love her unh unh unh

  6. catch22 Says:

    i got that white girl, that lindsey lohan
    and all you got to do is ask lindsey lohan

  7. Willy Swagger Says:

    it seems odd to me that Billz and Icon dont ride for this dude, I know he from DC but still…… Support Local/kind of local Dope Acts

  8. catch22 Says:

    time for me to wander around the office, pretending to run errands until quitting time.

  9. CiCi The Intern Says:

    what the hell? Aight Wale lol

  10. That Man Says:

    Lindsay Lohan is my crack. Wait…nevermind. I’d beat. Just to piss off That Man.

    I like that Superstar acoustic.

  11. Dart_Adams Says:

    He’s mentioned her in his songs before…I guess shorty wasn’t offended.


  12. Boosie Says:

    hmmm…..interesting, I haven’t posted here for a while and was doing some lurking in the other threads.

    Lol @ Chea/fifty cents,

    Really fam, You need to hop off my dick, with those comments about my picture. This is like the third or 4th time that you referenced my looks and my picture on nahright ning. I’m beginning to think that you’re suspect.

    You referenced me as “the big black dude”…..Is that shit not gay or what? It’s like you desperately don’t want that to be me, because I don’t look like Bol or the average ugly ass nigga on the internet.

    Yo, stop making references about my pictures. Yes thats me. Wife beater and all. U mad? lol. Come on b.

    Stop going over to ning, and checking out my picture fam, Shit I aint been there in a good minute, you need to stop checking me out. Thats some gay shit.

    I know you like Kanye west and all, but cot dayum.

  13. Maurice Garland Says:

    that is so wack…

    white girls are the new DJ.



  15. Boosie Says:


    whats up man, You got some good posts at xxl

  16. Jimmy Valentime Says:

    Bitch you high as a mother fucker ….. @ Skit from the Carnvail

    Lindsay Lohan not wale ….

  17. SpotOn Says:

    I dont think thats true though…You just have to have a song that actually CONNECTS with the public…Something they WANT to sing along to…Look at that “Independant” song…

    Alot of dudes just preach to the choir, then get suprised when their fanbase NEVER expands. They’re bascially spitting just to please the people that know them already. Which is cool. Just dont complain, because you know what you’re doing.

    You can put your message on a “club” beat. Why not? I’d love to hear that…Why does everyone with something to say fit the same “incense” stereotype?


    I’m just sayin:

    Dont go to France, start speaking German & expect people to understand you. Thats stupid.

    As a former “backpacker” (none?) that moved south, I get where you’re comin from. The snobbery pisses me off too, especially when you hear people name drop Mos, Kweli, Comm, etc as if they INVENTED underground…I had no appreciation for anything south that wasn’t DF/Suave House/Rap-A-Lot related until I moved there. Since then I have expanded my catalog to include Pastor Troy, Dro, Slim Thug etc… I think the other side to that is the South was ignored for so long that now that they’re the gatekeepers, they’re on some reverse-elitist, let-any-swag-rapper wit a hot beat get a pass, and biased against any artist that leans too east-coast. Like, niggas in ATL was REAL mad when Pimp C went off last year, like he aired they dirty laundry… My homegirl works in a record store near downtown ATL and she said last july when Common’s LP dropped one of franchize boyz comes in to drop off tapes, like “what’s new on the shelf?” she says, “that new common is out” he goes “nah, I can’t listen to that nigga, he be rappin bout children dying and shit…blah blah,” shit was funny and sad at the same time… basically I agree wit u tho… and I like I-N-D-E-P-E-N-D-E-N-T too *shh don’t tell nobody else*

    ^^^^get a blog fools…

    Nah but seriously this should be the end to that whole argument of superman vs incense vs super thug rap music argument. Ammend the manual.

  18. domcorleone Says:

    Stay pimpin’ Wale, DMV stand up!

  19. Nick.R_da A&R Says:


  20. Marylandkev Says:

    I think I will go ahead and say that Wale is going to be the next rapper to FLOP or maybe even NOT COME OUT or have beef with his RECORD LABEL cause they don’t know how to promote him lol. Honestly I just think he is a very average rapper who’s team is trying to pull the old cloud of smoke over everyone’s eyes along with the constant beating in the head of news and or music from him with the hopes that we would get hipnotized to his music. But I just think he has nothing special at all. Just my opinion though!

  21. Maurice Garland Says:

    yo…thanks boosie.

  22. kost2kost Says:

    Yo Wiz Khalifa was there? that fool is dope. i heard he just got signed to Warner Bro’s. Also i heard that Wiz and Wale have a pic together i definitely want to see that. if anybody has that pic get it posted!!!!

  23. slick willie Says:



  24. 40 Inch Says:


  25. p ave Says:

    i would put it in lohan.
    be her lo-man. haha yeaaa

  26. D Says:

    I was out that jawn last nite and first of all, while the spot was packed, most people there didnt seem to know who Wale was. It didnt realy seem like a hip hop spot, but mayb thats just how they do in LA.

    The performance was dope, but kinda short since he only did like 4-5 songs. It was still cool to hear some DC shit in LA tho.

    I saw Lohan there and didn’t even realize it was her till today when I saw that picture. She was looking bent as shit.

    Still glad I got a chance to see him in that type of intimate (no West Hollywood) setting tho before he blows up.

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  28. Delgodo Says:

    Yeah the music industry is in turmoil. They have dropped the ball on many a talented artist. The cookie cut out genre of commercial rap needs to die already. I’m a former backpacker and a future backpacker. I don’t subscribe to the bullshit! If a song is good then i’m fucking with it. If it is whack i’m screaming that from the highest tower. It just so happens that the dopest shit comes from the so called underground. So get your bars up newbies.


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  31. kiki Says:

    what the fuck is up what that shit thay do not what so ever look the part that bitch look like she is on crack on real shit wale look lost i ant no hater or no man stiller but she better keep or a bitch mite still

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