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Video: Snoop Proposes a Fight Between Game & Spider Loc

Snoop tries to polly a Game vs. Spider Loc death match.

Dubcnn via Smartenupnas.

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14 Responses to “Video: Snoop Proposes a Fight Between Game & Spider Loc”

  1. PbNJz Says:


  2. Josh Says:

    haha that’d be worth watchin

  3. Loyal Says:

    damn that would be dope but we already know whos gonna win

    game 6’2″ vs. spider joke 5’8″


    plus if game wins made promo for LAX

  4. digital scales Says:

    why is snoop speaking on it? he prob dont fuck with either of them cornball niggas

  5. Fixda Says:

    Go game…could make a nice buzz

  6. Say Waht Says:

    man snoopy shut up,foool

  7. mikewaxx Says:

    wtf.. isnt snoop all “anti-violence” campaign or whatever..?

  8. bnnnz Says:

    rofl game would kill spider his like twice his size

  9. Spider Loc Says:

    spider loc would knock him of that striper pole.

  10. Young Q Says:

    That ‘ill B tha suprem confrontation between bloodz n cripz…
    Spider’s lucky that i ain’t by the gunz rules ’cause he showed on his fuckin “bluetiful” shit how he scared by the bloodz bullets ahahah…
    Spider’s a dummie face of game… My homie game leavin’ the hood rules and u can see it in his eyes…

    Spider Loc => Just Another Nigga Wanna Be Rich

    The Game => A Lyrical Murder!

    And You ?! Wha do u think ’bout?

  11. Westrider Says:

    Loc would whoop some ass……….SIKE that boy cant do shit. What is snoop even talking about them being on the same level?? What kind of joke is that? hahah Piru is a straight beast bidiotch

  12. Ja Rule REMEMBER ME Says:

    Spider Loc would knock the stripper out of Gayme lol

  13. SG Says:

    Spider would knock that bitch out

  14. Anou Says:

    Spider Loc Will Be OWNED…!!! AHAHAHAHAHA…Game Would Knock The Shit Out Of That Fake-ass Bitch..

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