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Video: Maino – Be Me

Off his upcoming album If Tomorrow Comes. Trailer for Last Real Nigga Alive after the jump.

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20 Responses to “Video: Maino – Be Me”

  1. ODEMIC Says:

    Stay Strapped!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Digital scales Says:

    word i was gon say you should throw this up, this is his strongest song to date

  3. realluck Says:

    holla smack

  4. fifty cents Says:

    Last Real Nigga Alive

    Most Garbage Rapper in History aka Worser than Vanilla Ice

    i would rather listen to lindsey lohan’s album on repeat for a week than hear one maino song

    his youtube vids are funny tho

    he just sucks at rapping

  5. Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz Says:

    Here’s the problem:

    What do Rappers like Maino represent? WHo do they represent?

    Rap guys like Maino spend so much time chasing the ‘Industry’ that they become this unlistenable coloage of every rapper out there…He’s nothing new, he’s nothing old. He’s every rapper you’ve ever heard and ever rapper you never want to hear!

    He’s like a big wad of…”PlayDough”

  6. Zay Says:

    this is dope.. more rappers and PEOPLE need to be “them”

  7. Zay Says:

    this is hot…

  8. frank lee speakin Says:

    bed stuy has doesnt even like maino. cavlar had moe props

  9. Mr.E Says:

    ima do me…ima ima do me…(c) rocko (no spunky)
    ima be me…..ima be me….im not realy sure if there are any similarities from these 2 songs anyone care to elaborate upon this dilema? (No nelly)

  10. Come On Now Says:


    LOL…I noticed that soon as I pressed play!


    At least change the melody if you jack’n the concept!

  11. Sen. Clay Davis Says:

    The average Rapper has maybe, What – two hot songs and one hot album in them…Then they spend the next 10 years trying to top it or complaining about how their label did them, etc.

    Not since the Indians sold Manhattan for some glass beads has there been a worst ‘deal’ than signing up to be a modern day Menstrol – aka a “Rap Star!”

    Black Men…Pull your pants up, wash your your butts, and go get a real job that actually does the community some GOOD!

  12. Harlem's Nicest Says:

    The gayest move is when he strategicly shows his scare for the ‘street cred’ effect like “Yeah, it’s real…I didn’t know the Bitch snuk in a razor, but I’m using CoCo Butter so its all good”

  13. FLIP Says:

    Do you think you can change your flow from shitty to good? Oh wait, you can only be you.

  14. Par-City Says:

    Now i’m not a big Maino fan, but i’m feelin what this song stands for. I can name about 4 Jeezy’s in the game right now. I can name a couple dudes who usin Wayne’s flow. And niggas from NY seem to have forgotten how to do songs that don’t use elements of Jay-Z, whether it be a hook, a sample, or just a variation of his beats.

  15. Executive Nick Says:

    “There’s Many Battles….but there’s only one FIGHT KLUB”

  16. Mr. Manhattan Says:

    that song is hard and it’s the first track I’m feeling from this dude.





  19. AI Says:

    yo fags maino is that real music compared to fuckin rocko’s modern life rocko r u fools serious? like get off that commerical bullshit. n by the way mainos song was out before rockos was fags if u aint know shit about rap dont open ur mouth. New York Rappers r the only real rappers the south garbage is ruining rap n its becoming a joke n anyone can make one gay ass single about gettin fucked up or a girl shaking her ass n just call it something stupid like a filing cabenit or something retarded. New York rappers is rap always were an always will be they rep the hardest. get some of mainos mixtapes they hard as hell n good. oh ur prolly lookin for that soft music well then i understand maino aint for u pussies


  20. Maino New Says:

    Maino has some real good songs out there.. This is one of them! ppl need to give young rappers a chance and actually listen to his music!!

    Keep it up Maino! much better than rappers like Lil wayne, P Diddy, Jackidass etc!!

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