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Video: Gucci Mane – 3rd QTR

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16 Responses to “Video: Gucci Mane – 3rd QTR”

  1. ski Says:


  2. J Grilla Says:


  3. E.Mike Says:

    not a stain on me.

  4. fifty cents Says:




    (c) gucci

  5. fifty cents Says:

    wow dude at the end with the dreads and the red braves cap is reppin piru just like wayne lol cot damn i hope that west side ignant ass gang bangin shit doesn’t take over the ATL, that would be fucking tragic

  6. that guy Says:

    louie vuitton, man > gucci mane

  7. ron Says:

    this shit is fuckin horrible! the south got a whole gang of rappers fuckin up shit. there was a time when we could defend rap…those days are done…sad.

  8. Frank White Says:

    sound like he done had his wisdom teeth taken out

  9. kingdouche Says:

    One of the worst rappers to have a career

  10. Maurice Garland Says:

    @ Fifty Cents

    I hope that gang shit dont spread either man…the A is one of the few places thats done good in keeping that shit minimal…

    …does anyone else find it kinda funny that Gucci is actually reading those rhymes out of notebook…he actually wrote that stuff down? would been cool for a freestyle…but damn, he actually wrote that stuff….

  11. DJ Dee Says:


  12. PHENOMENON Says:


  13. clubba lang Says:

    unbelievably terrible..

  14. ILLAIM Says:

    No matter how ignorant this dude is I haft to admit I like at least 1 out of every 4 of his songs.

    Funny thing tho….

    He has to read some of those simplistic lyrics….


    The exportation of gangs has not been good for the nigga domestic economy ………

  15. Rellextra Says:

    Damn these dudes make it hard for me to be black.

  16. CinO21 Says:

    Damn Gucci Mane Got alot of hatters Damn niggas cant show him no luv n my book Gucci is the KING OF THE SOUTH get at me gmbe05.com

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