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Video: DJ Kay Slay vs. Buffie The Body

Answer your phone! I thought Gucci Mane was smashing that now?

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16 Responses to “Video: DJ Kay Slay vs. Buffie The Body”

  1. that guy Says:

    can rap figures do ANYTHING w/o a camera these days? gheesh

  2. The Truth... Says:

    >> I thought Gucci Mane was smashing that now?

    Yeah, but that was the other day….

  3. eskay Says:


  4. C. Trilla Says:

    ^Damn This Chick Just Jump From Dude To Dude

  5. D-san Says:

    From the documentary “On The Road to Irrelevancy”

  6. goodtimes Says:

    niggatry at its best

  7. Eightys Baby Says:

    I have a feeling these vids are gonna get buffy the booty caught up. lol.

  8. JMack Says:

    Buffie ain’t that special. Shes got a big ass and thats….. about…. it…. Someone please follow Dolicia Bryan around for a while with a camera please.

  9. The Most Misunderstood Man Says:

    This is an old video. She used to mess with Slay a while back. Who really cares though? It ain’t like they got anything else to do. More power to them. It’s all entertainment.

  10. Will M. Hollabis Says:

    There’s nothing like bad home filmmaking and acting done by hip hop heads. Really embarrassing.

  11. L.O.S. Says:

    Somebody tell Kay Slay to turn on the lights so we can see buffy!!!!

  12. Rellextra Says:

    what was the point of this?

  13. mike Says:

    Kay Slay trying to get some publicity. That shit is mad old. Kay a wackass dude.

  14. biko baker Says:

    hope that one day my daughters and my sons can aspire to be this ignorant.

  15. Illsun Says:


  16. BlandMoney Says:

    reminds me of ye’s rhyme “nice as Bun B when I met him at the source awards, girl he had with him ass coulda won the horse awards” -guess she was with Bun B too lol, damn she do get around but considering the going rate for videos and magazine pics can we blame her [?]

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