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Bun B XLR8R Cover Story

Is online and available for your perusal. There are also some additional excerpts that didn’t make it into the book that are worth reading.

What did you want to do with this album?

For lack of a better description, I wanted to get my Cube on.

What about Ice Cube do you respect?

I finally got to meet Cube [when] we did a remix [of Beyonce’s] “Soldier” together, and he was just who I thought he was. That’s something I haven’t really been able to say about a lot of people. I was able to say that about Kool G. Rap, DJ Premier, Lord Jamar. I’ve been fucking with Premier a long time. We never recorded any music together but we’re very good friends. We build on totally different issues. If the only way you build with other artists is as an artist, you ain’t learning shit.

What would a Preemo and Bun B song even sound like? They should make that happen and show us. In the article outtakes he talks about working with Kane and G. Rap and his feelings about country music.

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7 Responses to “Bun B XLR8R Cover Story”

  1. D. Billz Says:

    Bun Bizzle

  2. D. Billz Says:

    Dem Says:

    March 25th, 2008 at 4:33 pm
    rocko’s street team bullyfoots a NYT reporter


    ^lmfao @ the comments left at the end of the article.

    [paraphrasing] Holyfindinkle! I can’t believe such thuggery happened to my crakkka bred’ren in the middle of Manhattan. You should’ve definitely pressed charges. It’s obvious that THOSE kind of people have criminal mindsets. I’ll be so glad when we finish taking over Brooklyn and The Bronx and removing these hoodlums from their habitat. Gee-fuckin’-wiz.

  3. AJ Says:


  4. MrFan Says:

    Bun B is the greatest.

  5. marcus Says:

    I met Bun B out in La outside the flight club store and he was mad cool, just shopping with his wife and a homey.

    mad respect


  6. Frank White Says:



  7. Smoove Says:

    get your Cube on.

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