Sheek Louch – Gettin Funky 2008


Over the classic D.O.C. beat.

Sheek Louch – Gettin Funky 2008

Swacked from Mr. X.

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7 Responses to “Sheek Louch – Gettin Funky 2008”

  1. catch22 Says:

    add this to the list of “2008 editions”

  2. KilluminattI7 Says:

    Deeeeeeee Blooooockkkkk

  3. KilluminattI7 Says:

    @ catch

    its gettin to be a long list too

  4. PHOENIXXX Says:

    *records Crank Dat Soulja Boy 2008*

  5. landLORD Says:

    … Sheek look like an old retired NBA player … (c) Larry ‘GrandMama’ Johnson …

  6. E-DUBBS Says:

    tsk..tsk..tsk.. $9.99 Lo Hat from TJ Max.

  7. Emma Says:

    Sheek is cool good album too

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