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Video: The Juice Crew Reunion @ A3C

The legendary Juice Crew reunites for a performance at the A3C festival in Atlanta this weekend. Not the best audio, but it is what it is. Check out some pics here.

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37 Responses to “Video: The Juice Crew Reunion @ A3C”

  1. Astro Says:


  2. Astro Says:


  3. Astro Says:


  4. Astro Says:


  5. Astro Says:

    and im out

  6. foekist Says:

    No comment

  7. D. Billz Says:




  8. landlord Says:

    when I was a young buck and lived at home i used to watch porn and my house had a f–ked up set up….you had to walk through my room to go to the bathroom…..so i had to f’n privacy…..
    and for some odd reason i have to get butt naked to jerk off…..so there was many a night i would put on a porno vhs tape, get started, and then hear my moms or pops sleepily shuffling to the bathroom for a late night piss….
    then i would have to nervously try to get under my covers, and turn off the porn…..one time i didn’t have a chance to do either…so when my pops walked by i was naked, in the fetal position, with Sugarwalls Vol III on the TV…..he just lazily shook his head in shame as he walked in to the bathroom…..

  9. cMac Says:

    juice crew and easter bunnies

  10. HHF Says:

    One time for your mind

  11. landLORD Says:

    … easter was originally a pagan celebration … since, disguised by talk of bunnies, eggs and resurrections …

  12. landLORD Says:

    … easter was origianally a pagan celebration … since, disguised by talk of bunnies, eggs and resurrections …

  13. landLORD Says:

    … easter was originally a pagan celebration … since, disguised by talk of bunnies, eggs and resurrections …

  14. HHF Says:

    Too many closet pagan rituals are a helluva drug

  15. nation Says:

    >> … easter was originally a pagan celebration … since, disguised by talk of bunnies, eggs and resurrections …


    ^ get lifted to the Remastered Version that just dropped recently

  16. nation Says:

    Big Daddy Kane
    Masta Ace
    Marley Marl
    Biz Markie
    MC Shan
    Tragedy Khadafi
    Roxanne Shanté
    Kool G Rap & DJ Polo

    ^ did not know

  17. AJ Says:


  18. Joe 88 Says:

    I’m bout to start kicking lunchable meat in this mu’fukka fam – KanYe’ West

  19. Digital scales Says:


  20. 911 Says:

    The Mavericks are done.

  21. blaze22 Says:

    how many you think wayne is going to sell first week?

  22. moresickaMC Says:

    Nicki Minaj is such a Foxy/Lil Kim dicc(puss?)rider

    she can spit tho….but her swag is def biiten. she fine too

  23. moresickaMC Says:

    Method Man>Biggie on “the what”

    in the early 90s Tical was prob on every1s top10 list.

  24. moresickaMC Says:

    Biggie’s “Juicy” is one of the best composed rap songs ever. Flow,rhyme,story telling…its damn near perfect

    **end of my 3part monologue**

  25. Plug Says:

    *throws easter egg thru landlords window*

  26. The Dunce Says:


  27. Ehblogspot Says:

    Damn that looked like a moment right there…… I wish I was there! The full video with some solid audio would really be a treat…

  28. moresickaMC Says:

    smh@ The Source giving “its dark & hell is hot” 4mics ..and not the obvious 5.

    that ish has always bugged me. i want to petitioni a Source re-review….who’s in with me

  29. landLORD Says:

    moresickaMC Says:

    Method Man>Biggie on “the what”


    … true …

  30. nation Says:

    & Bullshit
    & Party
    & Bullshit
    & Party
    & Bullshit
    & Party
    & Bullshit
    & Party
    & Bullshit
    & Party…

  31. E From BK Says:

    Pass this on.


  32. FLAME Says:


  33. TIME 2 SIT DOWN Says:

    I was there…It was kinda sad actually.

    First, no Big Daddy, no Masta Ace, No Kool G (need I go on?) No one that you remember as the Juice Crew! All members were deffinetly showing their age as they frequently forgot their lyrics and were out of breathe. Biz was decent but, is this gut mentally stable to be in public? Dude was literally drooling on himself..WTF? Roxanne Shante was the only one that look like life handn’t bedat her down…I think she said she was a lawyer or something. Still, the show lagged after the inital “There Here!!!” and it quickly became one of those “Get your Dad of the stage” moments! Also, there was this weird tension like maybe they didn’t really rehurst much or maybe there was still some beef between everyone.

    Anyway, all in all it fail to not disapoint and was living proof of why HipHop is for the youngstas!

    Time has moved on…Its never a good idea to try to get the ‘Band back together!”


  34. Maurice Garland Says:

    man…i was there to witness it…shit was pretty dope overall…Roxanne prolly had the best performance, she was the only one who remembered all of her rhymes…biz was forgetting lines, and MC Shan kinda lost the crowd by doing his “new shit” and doing some unnecessary Rocko hating…but, the bottom line is that Craig G got major cool points for bringing out Killer Mike and Bonecrusher to do “Neva Scared”….them niggas messed around and stole the show at the Juice Crew reunion, wow.

  35. Technotronix Says:

    Man stop hating…the show was straight.

    There was rumors all week end that G Rap and Ace skipped the show due to the money split since they don’t live in Atlanta and had to travel.

    I heard some of the earlier opening acts hating (complaining) about the door split not being what they were promised and being worried about gas money to get back home, but who heard of paying opening acts anyway? But other than that people in the crowd were happy with the show!

    At the end of the day it was what it was – A dope moment in real Hip-Hop!

  36. FireBrand Says:

    Tell ’em maurice.

  37. TruthATL Says:

    2009 A3C dates are April 16, 17, 18.

    3 quick record straighteners:

    Kool G Rap was not able to leave NY for personal reasons, Masta Ace was promoting his new EMC release and shooting a video that Saturday and Kane got stuck in NC with health issues the night before the performance. The Crew is like one big happy family. All those cats were cool with us and cool with each other.

    Secondly festivals don’t do door spilts, could you imagine the accounting on that? All acts were paid in full and there was nothing but happy fans and happy artists all around.

    Thirdly Roxanne Shante rips shit and that show was dope. Leaked Live footage is all over if you look for it. Everyone on that stage that night is a legend and showed why.

    See you next April.

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