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Video: Donny Goines Writes a Quick 16 Bars

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11 Responses to “Video: Donny Goines Writes a Quick 16 Bars”

  1. nessnice Says:


  2. Astro Says:

    Blueprint 3

  3. Astro Says:

    OBFCL 2

  4. Astro Says:


  5. Astro Says:


  6. Kye da great Says:

    my freestyle is waaaaaaay better than his bullshit he wrote. no wonder he aint out.

  7. www.myspace.com/one000 Says:

    senseless,quick, sick, ill, poetry in motion, skill with a seamless flow, just plain HOT. chek my tracks get u som

  8. spillberg Says:

    He’s ok but far from ill, anybody can type some bullshit in 10 minutes

  9. Smitty Says:

    with a perplexed look on my face I’m wondering, what exactly is he trying to prove with this?

  10. Clock Work Says:

    …i waited ten minutes to hear that verse…i can’t hate on it…but i cant love it either…props to donny for showing these cats how to sit down, focus and write some real shit…maybe not uplifting, but melo enough to be honest…keep up the positive work homie.

  11. Big G Says:

    For the future I think that you need to sing louder or turn the music down so that people can hear what you are saying unless you want us to just hear the beat. The beat was HOT.

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