Nicki Minaj ft. Jadakiss – Dirty Money Biz

Nicki Minaj

Any excuse to post this picture. Off her new mixtape Sucka Free.

Nicki Minaj ft. Jadakiss – Dirty Money Biz

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23 Responses to “Nicki Minaj ft. Jadakiss – Dirty Money Biz”

  1. yeah me 2 Says:

    wow…i would murder that EARLY!!

  2. scare Says:

    did anyone ever see the video the jump off by Nikki??
    there is a shot of Skyzoo in it..damn its funny seeing Skyzoo in her video

  3. be.easy Says:

    yea i saw that video. Skyzoo just walked up in the video

    and Nikki can get it

  4. Giovanni Says:

    damn this reminds me of the old lil kid (duh)…

    why she had to go get thundercat surgery done of her face?

    all baby girl needed was some inflateable armies under her shirt and she was good

  5. Giovanni Says:

    ^^ kim*


  6. GMFB Says:

    We are Currency, Mack Maine and D-Raw
    And I just signed a chick named Nicki Minaj…

    Finest thing to come out of Young Money. No offense, Wayne.

  7. Ty'son Says:

    I’d skeet all over dem toes

  8. hardcore Says:

    Damn tht girl fine, she got some d’s and I wanna do it hard then skeet

  9. spillberg Says:

    Damn the puddy look fat!!!!

  10. edgar c. Says:

    bitch got an annoying ass voice…

    and yeah, “the puddy look fat…”

  11. Korean Slap Boxer Says:

    Kyat look fat to bumbo

  12. 305 BoLO Says:

    too bad she a dyke………… oh yall aint know

  13. moresickaMC Says:

    smh she’s shamelessly jacked foxy’s 96′ swag

  14. STAR Says:

    This chick is alright, but she’s not real. She sounds like Foxy Brown Pt.2. And why strike a pose that has already been done by the orignal Ms. Kimberly Jones?

    Anyway, you up coming New York female rappers are not as fresh as you think you are. This chick sounds like a photocopy of Foxy. And rapping about the bricks you move and blah blah fucking blah is a contribution to the world how?

    Lil Wayne how could you sign her? I hope you will be open to doper female artist, who have a purpose in their lyrics and presentation….I mean seriously, this chick is so weak!

    …..moving on.

  15. Joe Turksta Says:

    Foxy Brown >Nicki Minaj

    MoreskickaMC has nailed it on the head… This is Foxy’s Swag for sure. This sounds like the same style flow she had on Ain’t No Nigga with Jay on Reasonable Doubt.

  16. DBtheGmc Says:

    say word…

  17. Killa Says:

    THAT AINT FOXY BROWN SWAG…… I believe that LIL KIM did her album cover like that. Google it. FOXY BROWN didnt do that pose like that. LIL KIM DID.

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  19. Bammm;. Says:

    wow its called a life qet it.
    yall all extra clit ridinq she didnt ask for any of yalls opinion about her, cause obviously it doesnt matter,she isnt qetttinq paid by yall so i doubt she will chanqe her “swaqq” for yall. so stop bitchinq & stfu already. !!!

  20. KIzzLe Says:

    Where can i get this poster!!!!!!!

  21. Antoinette Says:

    ummmmmm…i am really late but this is for STAR…
    just left it plain and simple.

  22. yea me Says:

    i would eat her pussy

  23. big daddy kane Says:

    yall hot lolz

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