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Video: Warren G – Mr. President

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10 Responses to “Video: Warren G – Mr. President”

  1. nation Says:

    >> … Eskay or Nate; you have broken the code of brotherhood by letting her (ladyLORD) pass through moderation … besides she has nothing of substance to offer this forum, anyway …

    lol, it was solely for comedic reasons… archival purposes

  2. eskay Says:


  3. lomax Says:

    i love warren and I am glad to see him doing stuff…but why is he showing all these pictures of international kids starving

  4. Joe Turksta Says:

    LOL “what about Hillary?”

    Good to see the dude has recovered from his stroke okay.

  5. ian Says:

    Warren G had a stroke??!

  6. MG Says:

    International Kids starving? I live in fuckin Canada and saw Katrina victims here…

  7. JG Says:

    Warren G didn’t have a stroke, that was Nate Dogg.

  8. Mojo Marshall Says:

    According to this Nate Dogg had a mild stroke back in January 2008


    News to me.

  9. Joe Turksta Says:

    Nah I got it wrong, I was thinking of Nate Dogg. LOL

  10. Mojo Marshall Says:

    Who’s doing the background singing? Is that Warren G?

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