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Video: Joe Budden on Absolut TV

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5 Responses to “Video: Joe Budden on Absolut TV”

  1. J Grilla Says:

    its… its….. (its what) its that on top music

  2. Mr Starks Says:

    Joe is killing, but still his relevance toi the game is still debateable

  3. Joe Turksta Says:

    LOL “Camel?”

    Who would have thought that Joe Budden was a reasonable person. That interview was quite cool. Joe Budden has some points, he has good reason to back up his shit. PUMP PUMP PUMMPPPP IT UPPPP lol.

  4. spanish jay Says:

    some unflattering pictures of the old homey

  5. that guy Says:

    absolut = fag

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