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Video: Snoop on The View

Talking about his “condition” that requires medical marijuana.

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12 Responses to “Video: Snoop on The View”

  1. g7 Says:


  2. AJ Says:


  3. OeG Says:

    First Eva

  4. small eyez Says:

    daz & kurupt background singing while two stepping in suits = Classic Material.

  5. jay Says:

    its crazy how snoop gets a pass in the mainstream off his personable nature.

  6. 40 Inch Says:

    let this be the last time nahright ever posts something that is The View

  7. Los Says:

    Snoop is probably *the* most commercial rapper in the industry… why does he consistently get a pass?

  8. dCs Says:

    he gets a pass because hes snoop dogg and still keeps it real with everybody… hes not tryin to be somethin hes not, hes just d o double g…

  9. cforl Says:

    and cuz he snitched out suge knight.. “the main stream” needed that shit

  10. OHHWOPBK Says:

    snoop is a genius look how far he has come,its all about swag, he got swagger

  11. lea Says:

    what non-mainstream rapper you know thats WEALTHY?!?! nothing wrong with the mainstream, your favorite rapper is probably mainstream! all you 50 STANS, i think hes in the dictionary next to mainstream! let them get they money, if you dont want mainstream, thats why these same artists make mixtapes and also make money off that too! what is the definition of mainstream? look how long, unfortunately it took common to get Mainly recognized in the STREAM of the industry!

  12. Boss Says:

    Fuck the police.

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