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Evidence Says Big and Puff Knew of Pac Ambush


On monday, the LA Times is going to publish a new piece from reporter Chuck Philips that reveals a bunch of new information about the 1994 shooting of Tupac at Quad Studios in Times Square. According to Philips, Big and Puff knew that ‘Pac was getting set up, but they didn’t think he was going to be shot. AHH has a bunch of really interesting preliminary information about the article, and the Times is going to have a photo-gallery, copies of confidential documents and an interactive timeline of the events. Everything will be available onliine at www.latimes.com/tupac on Monday. This should be interesting.

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51 Responses to “Evidence Says Big and Puff Knew of Pac Ambush”

  1. 40 Inch Says:

    “My glock stick to me like 2Pac & LA Times”

  2. Big Homie Says:

    This is something we already knew but interesting to see the official evidence. Who shot ya?

  3. b-ease Says:

    This journalist is the same dude that wrote thet expose saying that Big provided the gun that killed Pac, right? Why was that story buried so quick?
    Does the new evidence prove that Pac actually shot himself at Quad?

  4. Plug Says:

    I thought we all knew this

  5. Big Homie Says:

    2 glocks > 2pac

  6. nation Says:


  7. Big Homie Says:

    blue socks > 2pac

  8. Plug Says:


  9. nation Says:

    what Plug meant to say was


  10. b-ease Says:

    Word thru the grapevine, u got fucked fucked four times
    damn that 3-9 fucked u up for real tho

  11. Mo Betta the Go Getta Says:

    *smh* at myself for thinking Dilated Peoples Ev had something to do with this when I read the Post title

  12. TC Says:

    Chuck Philips

    Story is void already…

  13. Plug Says:

    I’m flamin gats, aimin at, these f**kin
    maniacs, put my name in raps, what part the
    game is that? Like they hustle backwards
    I smoke Blackwoods and Dutchies, ya can’t touch me
    Try to rush me, slugs go, touchy-touchy
    You’re bleedin lovely, wit’chyo, spirit above me
    or beneath me, your whole life you live sneaky
    Now you rest eternally, sleepy, you burn when you creep me
    Rest where the worms and the weak be
    My nine flies, baptize, rap guys
    With the Holy Ghost, I put holes in most
    You hold your toast shaky, slippin tryin to break me
    Look what you made me do, brains blew
    My team in the marine-blue, six Coupe
    Skied it out, weeded out, cleanin out —
    the block for distances,
    givin long kisses BITCH

  14. nation Says:

    >> *smh* at myself for thinking Dilated Peoples Ev had something to do with this when I read the Post title

    *dies* … snitching is a hell of a drug

  15. TC Says:

    @ Mo Betta the Go Getta

    LMAO!!! I did the same thing HAHAHAHA

  16. sleep Says:

    Best thing to happend to pac career it made him sell more records

  17. Plug Says:

    nation Says:

    March 15th, 2008 at 1:58 pm
    what Plug meant to say was

    never thought that one was about pac. definetly big at his best tho

  18. sleep Says:

    Actually the best thing that happend to pac was when he dies in vegas cause now people think he was the best ever. Please lil wayne don’t overdose on szzurp cause I can’t put up with these little kids saying you was the best ever

  19. C-section Jones Says:

    So who cares about this shit

  20. g7 Says:


    D-Block: Live from Yonkers Vol.4

  21. Mo Betta the Go Getta Says:


    ^^^^Currently listening to this, I am so raunchy niggas get off me

  22. Plug Says:

    aye nation, how much is gas where you at?

  23. ListenToLeon Says:

    Damn…Interesting stuff. I always figured this to be true, so it’ll be interesting to see what this so-called “evidence” is. Whatever the case, this whole saga is still just as compelling and tragic over 10 years later.

  24. Big Homie Says:

    That new Sheek ft. Jada and Styles joint is piff

  25. sleep Says:

    Voice over guy on the radio»sheek

  26. I Fux Says:

    Boney James Feat Bilal – Better with Time

    ^^^^ANYBODY GoT this hook it up

  27. g7 Says:

    new DMX track- garbage
    new Keith Murray track- tight
    Pap diss Joe track- tight
    new Game track- so so

  28. nation Says:

    >> aye nation, how much is gas where you at?

    buck something. 1.24 i think it was on Tuesday. but that’s insanely stupid

  29. Plug Says:

    OH shit! twin is on this HNI2. that beat is sick.

    How long do I gotta wait til I certify this classic? the only thing that could stop me from certifying it is the lack of Havoc beats

  30. g7 Says:

    1.24…damn! 1.09 round here.

  31. g7 Says:


    i feel like a black president…

  32. Plug Says:

    buck something. 1.24 i think it was on Tuesday. but that’s insanely stupid
    let me get this straight… yall money is worth just as much as ours, and gas is still a buck a gallon? Gas here is 3.39!

    The price of gas has greatly hindered my Saturday corner bending

    *gets passport*

  33. g7 Says:


    when you get that new Ghostface….geehova@gmail.com

    merci beaucoups

  34. nation Says:

    >> 1.24…damn! 1.09 round here.

    nah it’ll be around a buck by now. I was in a bourgeois part of town my dude

    >> let me get this straight… yall money is worth just as much as ours, and gas is still a buck a gallon?

    our money > your money… take those monopoly bucks somewhere else

    >> when you get that new Ghostface….geehova@gmail.com

    Shame on a nigga (c) ODB

    how don’t you have all of those songs. I got them off the strength of NR loose ends posts… the fuck are you guys good for on Sunday nights

  35. eskay Says:

    that Keith joint was on a mixtape he dropped last year, which is what he’s now releasing as an album


  36. Ty Says:

    Haitian Jack must be snitchin’ on somebody

  37. RainerZufall Says:

    *smh* at myself for thinking Dilated Peoples Ev had something to do with this when I read the Post title

    LMAO me too. I was like “the fuck is he to know shit like that?”

  38. Mr.E Says:

    i ddint know lupe fiasco rocked a beige trenchcoat and rolled with tupac back in the day…

  39. khal Says:

    chuck phillips = the same la times writer who did that big piece on Biggie supposedly setting up Pac to be murked in Vegas, right? the article that said that Big gave the niggas his gat?

    why am i just not believing this shit off the rip?

  40. Ron Says:

    I’m not shocked that they knew what was up. A lot of these out of town niggas don’t realize, Tupac was in over his head with niggas like Haitian Jack and Tut.
    He wasn’t built like that. Going to Suge wouldn’t have done nothing either. Suge ain’t built like them niggas either. What I don’t understand about rap fans….they asking why didn’t someone say something…well wouldn’t that be “snitching”.. Just a week ago everybody was a “G” and yelling “no snitching”
    Make up your fucking mind or fall back, just do you. I liked Pac as an entertainer but he brought his demise right to his doorstep. Doin overnights with niggas like that…either way he was getting extorted.

  41. Ja Rule REMEMBER ME Says:

    “That’s why I punched you in your face you fat motherf#*#er,” Papoose hollers at the beginning of the track. Pap doesn’t hold anything back as he hits as low as he can get:

    “R.I.P. to Stack Bundles, I’m sad you had to go/Instead of you dying it should have been Fat Joe….I heard Fat J oe try to say he ain’t get snuffed/Somebody put something in his mouth my zippers stuck/His fat fingers cover the mic when he rap/So when he onstage you hear a lot of feedback/Man I hit hard as a d–k, believe that/Even Fat Joe was forced to lean back/This ain’t Hatton & Floyd, this ain’t the Giants vs. thePatroits/Hov & Nas, Beanie Sigel against Jadakiss/More like Obama versus Hillary, nothing/an intelligent black man against a woman/Baby your grandfather you bastard/You Lil Wayne’s son, he should claim you in his taxes…”

    Papoose then goes on to question Fat Joe’s street cred and his loyalty to his friends and New York:

    “When Remy [Ma] got cut, you ain’t ride out partner/You went to Western Union and sent her 900 dollars/Talking bout your whole squad got a scar in they face/ That means they were facing the person when they got scrapped/Analyze where your scars at cousin/Your scars at the back of your neck, so that mean you was running/The jails don’t respect you, they know you don’t bang/Charlie Rock lost his eye defending your name/You ain’t even hold him down, this n—a’s a lame/No bails bond no commissary, this s**t is a shame/You don’t look out for [Big] Pun kids, that’s bananas/You a girl, your name should be Fat Joanna/You abandoned New York/why your chain say I-95 South instead of I-95 North/Screaming Yadadamean and Dade County out your mouth/You ain’t repping the South Bronx, you rep Dirty South…”

    Papoose, who claimed that Fat Joe attacked him with an entourage, claims he defended himself and got the better of the fight with a baseball bat:

    “N—-z tried to stunt on Pap/ I went in my Cadillac and came back with a baseball bat/They ain’t put that on the internet, I wore them out/Show me the video, I’ll point them out/I hit him with the bat, I hit him with the bat/I hit him with the bat, I hit him with the bat/ I hit him with the bat, that cat ran/They used to call me Papoose but you could call me Batman….Mad cause I got a street buzz/But I ain’t the first rapper to snuff you, Cuban Link was/You far from a G , to me you just a joke/Real G’s don’t cut faces, they cut throats/You walk around with cops, I walk with wolves/I don’t like no elephants in my room…”

  42. C RANX Says:

    -Big had many hits. Most of the one’s I consider hits, the radio aint play. or was played very little.
    -I felt if Big and Pac would have mc battled…biggie would have ate pac. Biggie had more of a b-boy hip hop about himself, pac was militant. pac wasnt a witty metaphorical type of rapper..he rhymed on societal pain and issues like brendas baby…and i really liked some of his songs…but he aint really make jams that was gettin like mega blasted in the clubs. and i heard the bro since humpty days..he gets played a lot with love now, cause the bro. is gone. But big wasnt my favorite rapper…by 94 I felt like all big rhymed about was food, money, and clothes. AInt no dime piece was breakin they neck to get with him, only golddiggers. a lot of bigs songs are okay to fast foward it…but the ones that roc, are crazy fucking fly. like who shot ya…big and puff were big time fuckin liars…it came with they game..if you look at that lil cease video when he and the junior black mafia was recapping the nite pac got shot….THEIR STORIES DO NOT ADD THE FUCK UP AT ALL….THEY PLAYED THEMSELVES IN THAT VIDEO…EVIDENCE AGAINST THEM.
    -Wouldnt be shocked if big gave the gun for pac. big was a type to move in silence…a big mouth somewhere got him killed. big did not like pacs big fuckin mouth(which tupac ran alot) pac came out his face alot, if the bro aint run his mouth so much, he would prolly still be alive 2day. pac wasnt no killer. he grew up in harlem, til his moms moved them to b-more, when pac was a teenager. and he wasnt wildin on no streets. aint shoot nobody til after he got famous. Big aint sure as hell get no style from pac. they dont rhyme the same at all, to me. Wonder if puff got big killed to save himself. puff gets out of troubles, all the time from big to shine, to assaultin people in their office. how many get out of jail free cards he got? bet you big and puff tied to pac gettin snuffed. if so, dont worry. God saw what happened…they cant fool nor escape Gods, wrath.
    Big used to talk about shootin nuns, babies, women, called himself the son of satan, in your momma’s crib waitin…
    he got killed on some surprise shit, you think he’s in heaven, or burnin?
    Besides for the innocence and sake of his kids, why would cops have an interest in solving this mystery? You can forget about pac, dude fam was black panthers, he shitted on cops hard…u think they anxious to solve is shit?
    -cosign RON’s statement
    ……big said quite a few things that aint/dont add up……
    time allows the truth to come out

  43. monhol Says:

    this is old news. i knew about this years ago.i bought a magazine which had an interview with tupac and it talked about the ambush. tupac spoke about how he knew puffy and biggie knew about the ambush and believed that they set him up. he went into full detail about the events that happened that day. others were also involved.tupac believed puffy and biggie knew he was going to be shot. after the brawl in the elevator and with him being shot tupac went upstairs to a room where puff and biggie were and when he walked in the door they had a look of shock on their faces tupac said as if to say “he is still alive” they were to attend a meetng i believe and that was why all three were at that particular site. you will have to find the interview i believe it may have been vibe magazine. that was so long ago. ya know when you have children your memory is not as good as it used to be. lol

  44. Ex-Slave Says:

    Chuck Philips is not a reporter that can hold any credibility with regards to this case. VOID reading it. Waste of time.

  45. Ty Says:

    Yes Chuck Phillips has been distorting the truth in terms of the Biggie Smalls and Tupac murders, but this situation is different because the majority of his findings are coming from confidential FBI files which means a ton and we can’t discredit him without reading his article which comes out on Monday. You gotta remember a couple of years back, in 2005, the FBI transferred Walter “King Tut” Johnson from a Virginia Pen to a federal prison in New York and I think that all of this new information is coming from him, King Tut that is.

  46. C RANX Says:

    I dont understand it pac said he got shot went upstairs and was sittin there…IF blood comin from dude head get him help, not fall back and chill.
    I dont understand the whole lil cease went down then came up and then big went down and cops was already in the lobby….then when in the midst of all that did pac go upstairs and was chillin with them with a bloody head?

  47. moresickaMC Says:

    fuck Tut, Puffy & Haitian Jack

  48. C_Smith Says:

    So, after you all check out Chuck’s report, don’t hesitate to slide over to the Guide to peep a couple of things I saw at SXSW this year.



  49. redeye Says:

    ron got it right. if your an “80’s baby” from brooklyn, you know about tut from e.n.y., & great god/crazy born/pappy mason & them from troy ave in crown heights. and you know to stay clear of guys like that. rapper 50 cent learned that the hard way when he crossed people on the level of ”preme” from the ”supreme team”. YOU JUST DONT DO IT!

  50. Nah Right » Blog Archive » The Waviest Takes Two, Heads Home? Says:

    […] This has been kind of a crazy day in the world of rap related fuckery. So far we’ve seen two major convictions and the climax of Philipsgate and there are still a few hours to go before the day is out. Now Miss Info is reporting that Max Biggavelli was shot twice last night in what may or may not have been a robbery and then signed himself out of the hospital (I guess he’s trying to live up to the ‘velli’ portion of his nickname). Now he’s supposedly lamping at home, despite the fact that he’s in critical condition. […]

  51. norway Says:

    Damn the fucking coverment killed Pac not Biggie he was his friend!

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