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Video: I-20 – Down South

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9 Responses to “Video: I-20 – Down South”

  1. Peter Turbo Says:

    Turbos Home

  2. SMOKING BaRReLLs Says:

    I was wondering where this guy was, his first album was dope

  3. jersey da new new york Says:


  4. jersey da new new york Says:


  5. ForzaJuve Says:

    holy shit, eskay found I-20! I was wondering where he was (no Jimmy Hoffa)

  6. Ox Says:

    That shit hard as fuck, good to see I20 back in the streets with a banger

  7. +1 Says:

    WHAT THE FUCK is this shit.

  8. mo_butta Says:

    luda packin on some pounds.

  9. dtp4life Says:

    i like the T.I.P disses “im a down south nigga ill tell it to his face.” because T.I said in a song “u or yo niggas in ya face u wasnt sayin shit” i-20 also said in this video “u barely made bail and I just beat another case”talking about T.I not giong to jail.

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