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Video: Damian Marley – One Loaf of Bread

Off the “Gang War” compilation, Tuff Gong Records
Shot & Directed by Jason Goldwatch for deconmedia.com

-black and white super 8mm footage shot in Haiti
-color super 8mm footage shot in South Africa

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20 Responses to “Video: Damian Marley – One Loaf of Bread”

  1. yo yo yo Says:

    yo yo yo i am the spirit of Christmas past…

  2. H. Mahoney Says:

    dope. first

  3. Black Jesus Says:

    Thanks Emperor Eskay 4 this one!
    Jah bless

  4. Has Says:

    This is what hip hop use to be…. Voice for the poor people……………….

  5. thehaytidream Says:


  6. Vee Says:

    Good video. 5 comments? It is always interesting which posts here gets no response and/or thoughts. Shot in both South Africa and Haiti? I guess they were looking for the most poverished communities?

  7. Kornphlake Says:

    Eskay, thank you for leaving XXL. Nothing against them, just felt like the site had been slipping. But it seems you are back with a vengeance, and now I am reminded why this is always the first hip hop site I look at everyday.

  8. Ja Rule REMEMBER ME Says:

    This is what hip hop use to be…. Voice for the poor people……………….


    bamba Clot

  9. what the hell Says:

    this s@it is funny

  10. SAG Says:

    good song. i was jus thinken about when damien marley was gunna drop a new album

  11. what the hell Says:

    Damian Marley – One Loaf of Bread this video is hard this is what music used 2 be about reppin the voice of the poor now niggas talkin bout they bosses and shit and still dont own a god damn thing…how u a bosses and still getting raped by ya real bosses

  12. 456 Says:

    nre conquerors on the rise. props eskay

  13. T.A Says:

    this track iZ Fires!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  14. Black Bully of Billyburg Says:

    Di trials an di perils deepa dan di blue lagoon,
    Dem nuh wan fi nuh dem history yuh nuh see say dem a goon !

    I think he’s gettin @ Plies wit dat line LOL

    Yuh dun know seh dis trak tuff to blurtnawt !!! Jr. Gong got flows maaan !
    fyah bun pon BobbyWrong !

  15. freshfrom82 Says:

    he had a good message with the video, respect!

  16. goodtimes Says:

    d marley is a beast. my favorite artist.

  17. Big Mike Says:

    Jah Live
    Positive Vibrations
    Daddy would be proud
    Real Music

  18. Ras Says:

    Big up mi bredren D Marley long time mi nah hear from yuh.
    Big up ya chest and jah bless!

  19. Deano Says:

    Honestly, I wasn’t feelin’ ‘The Gong’ when he came out…reason I use to hang out with that ‘Uptown Set a.k.a the originators of slim jeans/jordans ’90’ back in Jamaica. He use to be runnin’ around in the mall too same crowd…so I was kinda surprise when he became conscious…However, he’s releasing timeless classics after classics every year. He should play the lead role in the Bob Marley biopic….my 2 cents.

  20. Cinzano D Says:

    Real talk.
    One loaf.
    The voice of the people.
    Jah Bless.

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