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Video: The Count & Sinden ft Kid Sister – Beeper

Are any of these kids even old enough to remember beepers?

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32 Responses to “Video: The Count & Sinden ft Kid Sister – Beeper”

  1. DJ R.o.B. Says:

    FIRST!!! Kid Sister is fine… I remember deciphering the numbers to words…

  2. that guy Says:

    smh…we need a board eskay.

  3. NY State of Mind Says:

    This is wack as fuck. Yo this retro trendy shit is getting out of hand…how is it cool to start using old ass technology? What’s next, people are gonna start using typewriters and shit?

  4. Mr. Wilkins Says:

    Fun Fact: I’m in this video.

  5. mufasa Says:

    Another Fun Fact: Our Nahright boys have a crush on Kid Sister!

  6. yesTheBruceDickenson Says:

    kid sisters like 27, i never seen so much cheesing in a video.

    fun fackt: i wouldnt tell anyone.

  7. RL Says:

    Song = whatever

    But A-Trak is one luck mofo…

  8. theladyofrage Says:

    gimme a fuckin break. this shit is trash. I remember when this site was on some hip hop shit.

  9. Caramelhoneys Says:

    These young’ins dont know anything about beepers…dre of Caramelhoneys!

  10. SWITCHâ„¢ Says:

    this video is old.



  12. POINT Says:

    this whole ‘I’m a hipsters’ thing is getting awkward

  13. old greg Says:

    this video is about a month ‘old’.

    the hook is from fam-lay and pharrell track but pharrell was asking for crazy money for publishing so they got kid sis on it and her brother j2k from flosstradamus re did the hook.

    so talk to publishing P about how ‘retro’ beepers are.i really dont think Fam-lay was trying to be a hipster and/or retro (who even uses that word?) when he wrote the beeper record.

    chill the fuck out.


  14. NYCe Says:

    ^agree’d. eskay, kill yourself for posting this.

  15. Dee Phunk Says:

    Ay yo eskay, you shoulda also posted the MP3 for Fam-Lay’s “Da Beeper Record” where they jacked the hook so lovely from. Not alot of people even know that song even exists. Unfortunately this song is gonna get 100x more shine.

  16. Leone Says:

    I feel really old.

  17. MiRKED Says:

    sister reminds me of a day-glo CLEAR faced alicia keys :)

    beepers are making a comeback cause of the wire

  18. khal Says:

    100x more shine? from whom, hipsters? i don’t see this song getting mtv play or anything like that.

    da beeper record is dope though.

  19. kingdouche Says:

    this video is weeks old son. and you all sound like bitter old fucks.

  20. NYCe Says:

    this record sucks ass. your jeans are probably too tight to know good music.

  21. Deano Says:

    Honestly, does Kid Sister think she can forge a defining rap career/’Hipster’ rap career or is it just for shyyts an’ giggles? Tell me whats up? Also Nahright are you co-signing the ‘Hipster Rap’ Movement? When are we gonna see the ‘Hipster Rap’ battles about who wears the most exclusive gear? Wheewwww can’t wait…

  22. Deano Says:

    Damn, Bmore, Detroit and London been doing this…is this a verizon or Lisa Page commercial?

  23. modi Says:

    kid sister is like 27. so i’m sure she knows about the beepers.

    but she can’t really rap. at all. oh boy. she’s so sexy tho.

  24. Chris Says:

    “This is wack as fuck. Yo this retro trendy shit is getting out of hand…how is it cool to start using old ass technology? What’s next, people are gonna start using typewriters and shit”

    Cosine. (SECANT)

  25. factso Says:

    Terrible. Not one of these “hipster” rappers can actually rap outside of Lupe, but he’s sorta transcended that redundant bullshit of a genre. This is worse than any movement in hip hop, ever!

  26. Smitty Says:

    “Kid” Sister is damn near 30. go figure

  27. NYCe Says:

    nah right supports hipsters. smh.

  28. 40 Inch Says:

    lmao FACT- kid sister is 40 years old

  29. Keno Says:

    Kid Sister is fucking hot as hell

  30. Black Bully of Billyburg Says:

    Oh this is my JAM !!! I still got my clear Motorola joints ! Maaad Flavas !
    & Every Sat. nite I sniff lines of coke off the ass of acid-washed Jordache jean rockin whitegrrlz in the back of my favorite bar/lounge in Williamsburg when this song comes on ! Ahh…Good Times !
    P.S. I’d luv to sniff yay off Kid Sister’s tittays !

  31. LUIS Says:

    too gimmicky. Still better then the fan made music videos nahright posts, those are complete crap.

  32. 911 Says:

    who cares about the song this goes in esk long neglected eye candy section…word

    smashability’ for this breezy is high.

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