Video: Life The Great – Stupid Fresh

That’s cool with me, that’s where they made me at…

I don’t know who this guy is, but he went out and got a DeLorean, so how could I not post this.

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17 Responses to “Video: Life The Great – Stupid Fresh”

  1. D. Billz Says:

    Chill chief.

  2. Wavy Shprocketts Says:

    the cooooool

  3. D. Billz Says:

    I don’t know who this guy is, but he went out and got a I let him borrow my DeLorean, so how could I not post this.

  4. Two-Times Says:


    chilin..what’s poppin

  5. G7 Says:

    ah wha di bumbarass is dis? straight wacky snacks(c) Foe

  6. G7 Says:


  7. Wavy Shprocketts Says:

    fat joe’s jordan’s in that hot 97 video that you won’t ever own in life unless you burglarize fat joe’s crib (which will get you shot 894 times) > 50’s whole career

  8. 911 Says:

    Yo Two times I equate the way you ride (pause) the G-Unit brand to me (pause) when i was a like 13-16 yr old when Pac was the king. Truthfully everybody that dude hated, I didn’t like…Now where my disconnect comes in is as I got older and attained some knowledge on all things Rap, I realized in Rap there’s this 3 degrees of separation and if somebody wants to talk or whatever they could with a phone call. So everything is phony/entertainment if you realize these guys are adults.

    In addition to that disconnect is the age it doesn’t seem, to someone with sense which I consider myself to have, why anyone of legal voting age would only want to come on a blog and only chat about one person or group, it’s insane…some of the comments are just plain annoying…I’ve tried to skip them joints, but this shit is like reading a book…how are you going to just skip a page.

    Now I’m not dissing you, nor do I have any hate towards you. That’s gay. Plus it requires effort which I refuse to put forth whilst perusing the internet. What I want to know is why are you at it everyday with this unit this-that…what’s the goal, it would seem as though you have a goal. Can I be privy to it? Oh yeah I think your a crude internet bot meant to aggravate the hell out of everyone who disagrees. No disrespect.

    Other than that what up homie?

  9. Two-Times Says:

    im leavin on the next plane……………………………..

    i don’t know when I’ll be back again…..

  10. Richie Cunning Says:

    This guy is gonna be huge for weeks.

  11. UpNorth Says:


  12. Ill Bill Says:

    I can dig it…Huge for weeks ha ha

  13. UpNorth Says:

    i take it back.

  14. RL Says:

    Dolorian > the actual song

  15. The Dunce Says:

    Two-Times you bird chest monkey, holla at your boy!

  16. 911 Says:

    Yo Life I haven’t even watched your video…and I was typing @ our G-Unit in house poster Two-times…my spam catcher thought you might be spam…

    I’ll watch now…

    You know I’m not sure who lost me or you…the 80’s was about {to me} tying together fun and a message into some ‘def lyrics.
    You got everything, but the lyrics…That isn’t my fault. That’s all on you fam.

    Good luck though. Survive the drought, I wish you well.

  17. rob rush Says:

    nothing about this sounds retro at all. and his name is dumb

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