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Video: Yak Ballz Halftime Show Freestyle

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6 Responses to “Video: Yak Ballz Halftime Show Freestyle”

  1. kingdouche Says:

    lol come on eskay….show a little bit of quality control.

  2. AJ Says:


  3. Absent Says:

    Yak’s alright but he just comes off as Cage’s sidekick.

  4. Drake Says:

    This verse is insane.

  5. militia Says:

    ya’ll buggin’ and must be deaf…Yak is ill and stands on his own with top quality music.

  6. BIGHANDS Says:

    you aint ready for yak, is that what you mean? yak caomes off as cages sidekick if thats how you were introduced to it, says nothing for topics of or skills on lyrics.

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