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Video: Shyheim – OB4SL2

Ruin A Guy’s Day DVD coming soon.

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8 Responses to “Video: Shyheim – OB4SL2”

  1. waxx Says:

    swisha house baby.

  2. cMac Says:

    bitch i might be…

  3. DUKES Says:

    And why do I care?

  4. kingdouche Says:

    More useless info….

  5. Frank White Says:

    weak dude cant even control the kickback…get ya weight up not ya hate up…

    oh yeah typo in there to. INTEREST, not INTREST

  6. game over Says:

    can’t control the kickback? what on earth are you talking about? that’s a 12 gauge. he controlled the kickback just fine because he kept hitting the targets (or so we assume, they never showed the target sheets). it’s about accuracy, not looking cool. what did you want, no reaction from the kickback at all? you probably never even fired a gun before.

  7. AJ Says:


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