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Video: Preview of Lil Wayne’s “Lollipop”


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17 Responses to “Video: Preview of Lil Wayne’s “Lollipop””

  1. Dpgc Says:

    Definite pause.

  2. Mass Says:

    Big Ayooooo to this..

  3. Korean Slap Boxer Says:

    Dude looks really creepy

  4. miltee Says:

    where’s a R.I.P. biggie post?
    isn’t it 11 years today…

  5. Frank White Says:

    the greatest rapper of all time died on march 9th © germaine

  6. Genesis Says:

    cosign miltee & RIP static major and BIG

  7. Roc4Life Says:

    this nigga does too much.

    thass why he could never be the greatest.

  8. Roc4Life Says:

    and this stupid ass nigga said . .

    “we gon pull a cat out our hat”

    a rabbit nigga?

  9. AJ Says:


  10. micAh! Says:

    wow… this looks trash on so many levels…

  11. TY Says:


    no co-sign from me. This shit seems like fiyah..

  12. Nickatina Says:

    smh @ calling a dead man a stupid ass nigga. classy

  13. choyce Says:

    big shout out to Static; that shit is sad may he rest in peace.

  14. domo Says:

    i’ma have to agree wit u on that one…..this shit is about to be crazy…like do you really think this nigga is gonna come out wit some trash shit for his first SINGLE off the carter 3…yall must be crazy…..

  15. Ty'son Says:

    Static Major was the Man Responsible for writing ALL of Ginuwine’s and Aaliyah hit songs, from SO ANXIOUS to ROCK THE BOAT, he died a few weeks ago. He was Timbaland’s Go to Man when it came to writing hits and we have all suffered a terrible loss. REST IN PEACE….

  16. INFARED Says:

    yeah he a lollipop rapper because he’s a sucker.


    ahhh that was immature of me…oh well.

  17. Jasmine Says:

    i dont care what none of yall niggas say he IS tha best ALIVE

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