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Video: Termanology ft. ST Da Squad – Its The ST

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9 Responses to “Video: Termanology ft. ST Da Squad – Its The ST”

  1. phrate Says:


    Eskay – the best

  2. nation Says:

    4 new posts, no comments

    two saturdays in a row… nah, right?

  3. frankie Says:

    wiggers this is wack betta nobody say its real hip hop

  4. t bone Says:

    I ain’t never seen a crew with a collective of worse names.

  5. Rigo Says:

    Shit is Ill. ST got this bitch Bumpin’.

  6. Ex-Slave Says:

    This is dope. I mess with termanology.

  7. Rigo Says:

    frankie shut your fagget mouth. They’re Puerto Ricans, 1 Black Dude, & 2 White Dudes.

    – Always The Weakest Nigga Outta The Crew…

  8. esbee Says:

    What’s with the N***a calling by these white dudes tho? Whether they PR’s or not…I mean is this what its come down to now?

  9. Rigo Says:

    ^^^^Homie, it’s always been that way. What world you living in?

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