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Video: Ron Browz – Million Dollar

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25 Responses to “Video: Ron Browz – Million Dollar”

  1. Two-Times Says:

    Fat Joe
    Elephant in the Room

    Fat Joe > Jay-Z & Nas

  2. That Man Says:

    NR Headline:

    Video: Jim Jones almost falls off a roof

    I feel like I read this headline every week.

  3. Ballin Says:

    Lol fun video…nice song..its not bad

  4. G7 Says:

    >>Fat Joe > Jay-Z & Nas

    ^all day

  5. Two-Times Says:

    Papoose right now on Kay Slay:

    “shout-out to Fat Joe’s chin”


  6. PHOENIXXX Says:

    i hope eskay is ripping that Papoose Kay Slay interview

  7. G7 Says:

    papoose almost 30 with no debut album in sight. thats a shame.

  8. ian Says:

    Ron Browz is my dude but how is this video not Nah Right Lite status at best??

  9. cMac Says:

    i will blaze that dude… [n/h]

  10. spanish jay Says:

    nas > jay z

  11. Two-Times Says:

    i hope eskay is ripping that Papoose Kay Slay interview

    I was going to, but i thought we already heard him today anyways…..

    it was actually pretty boring….. the one with hot97 was way longer and talked about the beef more…and way better

  12. Wavy Shprocketts Says:

    # nation Says:
    March 5th, 2008 at 10:14 pm

    Blueprint > The Black Album though

    those two > Reasonable Doubt, real talk. lyrics are tight and all, but he wasn’t there yet on RD



    # That Man Says:
    March 5th, 2008 at 11:13 pm

    LUCIFER, dawn of morning.


    50 merked that beat on some mixtape way back, i remember listening to the shit on repeat

  13. landLORD Says:

    >>>> the one with hot97 was way longer and talked about the beef more…and way better


    … AYOO ? …

  14. iceberg slim Says:


    jay ahead of Steven Spielberg 11 Tom Hanks #13 Howard Stern

    #9 Jay-Z
    While most of us pine for retirement, the native New Yorker couldn’t stand the view from the sidelines following his 2003 farewell Black Album. Despite a busy schedule as chief of Def Jam, his comeback album, Kingdom Come, debuted at the top of Billboard’s pop and rap charts. Owns a small stake in the New Jersey Nets, plus two locations of his 40/40 clubhouse. In March, he sold his Rocawear apparel label to Iconix for $204 million. Did we mention Beyonce

  15. 40 Inch Says:

    i d/ed Elephant In the room and i’ll i can say is thank you producers cause DAMN

    but that tack wit KRS-One is sick

  16. iceberg slim Says:

    Power Rank 9
    Pay $83 mil
    Category: Hip-Hop Impresario


    Damn 83 mil in one year…….damn jay lost, that aint no real money

  17. frank lee speakin Says:

    would you have thought back in ’89 that hip hop would turn into this bullshit ?

  18. theshoelace Says:


  19. that guy Says:

    big l is rolling in his gravey grave….that bitch got a fatty tho

  20. Joe Jackson Says:

    Ron Browz blows dick. He does Ether and then some gay ass shit like this?

  21. The Dunce Says:

    why all this homo ish?

  22. Sadness Says:

    Very sad to see this – the guy that once produced Ether starts rapping in 2008. Depressing.

  23. Da Says:

    this sucks

  24. rtucker Says:

    That may have been the wackest video/song i’ve ever seen. The bitches booty is the only thing that made me sit thru that, because I wanted to see her face for future reference.

  25. MHbarz Says:

    Ron Browz,
    If you happen to read this message please answer this one question. Why do you happen to always have average looking woman in your videos,clips,shows. When you r currently involved with one of the most beautiful woman i have ever seen???? Dudes in Ny know who im talkin about. I still cant get the image of her in that pink adidas jacket out my mind. PERFECTION.

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