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Revised II Trill Track List

I just heard it. Finally got to meet Bun in person. Good shit.

Slightly different that the previous one. Some titles have changed slightly, some tracks are new and some are gone. Of course this could all change.

1. II Trill (prod. by Clinton Sparks)
2. That’s Gangsta feat. Sean Kingston (prod. by J.R. Rotem)
3. Damn I’m Cold feat Lil Wayne (prod by Chops)
4. You’re Everything (ft. Rick Ross, David Banner, 8 Ball & MJG) (Prod. by Mr. Lee)
5. Swang on Em feat Lupe (prod by Enigma)
6. I Luv That (Produced by Scott Storch)
7. My Block (prod by Jazze Pha)
8. Get Cha Issue (Produced by Bigg Tyme & Qwest)
9. Good II Me feat. Mya (prod by Bigg Tyme, co-produced by Intl Red, & Bun B)
10. Pop It 4 Pimp feat Phatz & Webbie (prod by Mouse)
11. Underground Thang feat Chamillionaire & Pimp C (prod by Cory MO)
12. If I Die 2Nite feat. Lyfe Jennings & Young Buck (Produced by J-Rock)
13. Another Soldier feat. Mddl Fngz (prod. by DJ Khalil)
14. If It Was Up II Me feat. Junior Reid (produced by Blackout Movement)
15. Angel in the Sky (Produced by Cozmo)
16. Keep It 100 (produced by Chops)
11. My Paper (prod by Bigg Tyme)

I hate to even talk about an album after hearing it once at a listening session, but there are some strong joints on this.  

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15 Responses to “Revised II Trill Track List”

  1. 911 Says:

    Yes…trilla and trill 2 are worthy of a cop

  2. 911 Says:

    I’m lying like a motherfucker

  3. Hykoo Says:

    Damn, Chops from Mountain Brothers?

  4. 911 Says:

    No homo, but Bun B seem like a cool ass nigga. What’s the release date?

  5. PHOENIXXX Says:

    Crocodile Dundee>>>>>>Bun B

  6. eskay Says:

    I see Gnarls and explicit Snoop leaked huh.

  7. 911 Says:

    lol @ phx

  8. Renato Pagnani Says:

    Yeah, but it’s not the retail Gnarls, just a transcode so far.

  9. nation Says:

    >> I hate to even talk about an album after hearing it once at a listening session, but there are some strong joints on this.

    Nah Right endorses Bun Bitta.

  10. Farts In A Jar Says:

    Only one track with Pimp C??? bun you cunt..Pick your fucking nuts up.

  11. Ziploc Moe Says:

    I think I actually feel envy…

  12. Brian Says:

    Are we sure this isn’t called Trill II? Like… I know that it’s called II Trill, but are we all getting hoodwinked?

    Apparently, there are inside jokes abound in Houston.

  13. EMan Says:

    Everybody should have at least 2 CHOPS produced bangers on their album!

  14. G-Harp The Producer Says:

    Is that Lupe Fiasco, or just, like, a UGK records artist named “Lupe”? Anyways, good lookin’ on the tracklist, I wanna hear the UGK/Chamillionaire collabo record, I love Cory Mo’s beats. I don’t think the Storch record’ll mesh well, I think it’ll sound awkward.

    Can’t wait for this shit though, Trill was fire. II Trill is gonna continue the trend.

  15. hoodfellas Says:

    good looks, the release date still in april i hope?

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