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Video: Jay Electronica & Erykah Badu on Vimby

Jay and Erykah at Boundless on Video in My Back Yard.

From KDU via Sweeney.

URB cover shoot footage after the jump.

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6 Responses to “Video: Jay Electronica & Erykah Badu on Vimby”

  1. the hyphy movement Says:

    first again

  2. foekist Says:

    eskay good shit posting that NYOIL video, dude got some real ish to say.

  3. Mr. Papagiorgio Says:


    “the home of conscious hip hop”

    i can get down w/ it.

  4. J Davis Says:

    The beat in the beginning… What’s the name of that track?

  5. Always Right Says:

    Boundless has that ish. They always have the freshest clothing.

    On the internets or in person.

    Brooklyn Reps all day.


    I just copped a bunch of back Issues of Waxpoetics and some new gear for a reasonable price.

    Nah Right.

  6. game over Says:

    jay elec is on smash

    the young boy b.o.b. is alright too.

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