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Video: G-Unit – Good To Me

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23 Responses to “Video: G-Unit – Good To Me”

  1. ODEMIC Says:


  2. ODEMIC Says:

    me postin’ mega’s name first on a blog > mega’s career

  3. landLORD Says:

    … Cappadonna > Cormega …

  4. BKScribe Says:

    LF: that Freeway was sooo slept on

  5. Two-Times Says:

    BKScribe Says:

    Mega had the weakest verse on that song..

    wow!!! i didn’t think so …..that shit was fire….
    but i guess that’s me….

    “In Queens where my dunns be, I wear Guess jeans and rugbies ” – Mega

    and btw, that whole song is legendary…
    Foxy shoutin out Jungle & E Money Bags…

  6. landLORD Says:

    … T-3 (slum village) > Cormega …

  7. Two-Times Says:

    landLORD Says:

    … Uncle Murda’ s fakeness > Cormega’s Realness …

    that’s the funniest by far…

  8. chea Says:

    lol whenever 2x says post something, es posts it

  9. landLORD Says:

    … Ronnie DeVoe (new edition) > Cormega … (c) Poison …

  10. Two-Times Says:

    This song is nice…. real good stuff…

  11. BKScribe Says:

    @ Two times..

    Megas verse wasn’t wack in general…

    just compared to AZ’s verse and Nas’ two verses.

  12. Ty Says:

    Banks Verse> 50’s verse

  13. Paperstacker Says:

    >>yo seriously, where’s serious at? i was lookin’ forward to hearin’ some ish from dude…


    Me too, remember his first mixtape/album joint after all the battle shit? That was fire, album material even though he was givin it out for free. He signed to luda’s label DTP last I heard. Dont know if he still messing with them though.

  14. Two-Times Says:

    @ BKScribe

    I think Foxy did her thang on that track too… she defintely held her own….

    what u think of that cuban linx & remy diss song posted today?… i liked that shit…
    remy can hold her own, i gotta admit that…. kinda like foxy used to.
    But i thought the song was good.

  15. Paperstacker Says:

    skill wise AZ and Nas are to mega what jay z is to memph bleek.

  16. eskay Says:

    >>lol whenever 2x says post something, es posts it

    hell no

  17. Da PartyStarter Says:

    “Silence!!!”- DragonFly Jones

  18. ODEMIC Says:

    if fifty was a skinny nigga(none), there’d have been mutiny in g-unit by now.

  19. Frank White Says:

    kanyes ‘good to me’ beat > this one

  20. Frank White Says:

    Prodigy Made Signing to G-Unit Hood..Look at what he brought to the table.

  21. Ehblogspot Says:

    50’s verse was oddly good….

    Its really not that bad of a track, I thought 50 killed it!!

  22. Real Talk Says:

    This song is undeniable!

  23. MRWILLDOIT Says:

    Trash….straight trash.

    50 has experienced no growth as an artist. No hunger + lots of money=this shit…

    Wake me up when 50 makes good music again –(R.I.P. me)

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