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Green Lantern Talks to Complex

In a new interview Green Lantern talks to Complex about making nice with Curtis, not playing diss records and the music/mixtape games. Here he describes the phone call he got from Uncle Murda after he got shot.

C: How’d that conversation go?
G: [Laughs] the conversation went like-I had just got off the radio, and he called me from the hospital bed, and he’s like “Yo, they trying to murder me,” and I was like “Who is this?” It was some unknown number. He said “It’s Murda, man!” He was like “Yo, son, I’m in the hospital. I’m shot in the head.” I was like “get the fuck out of here, you trippin.” And he was like “Yo, on my mother man, and my mother’s dead, I don’t play that.” I heard the nurse behind him like “Do you want any pain medicine?” He was like “Nah, nah, I’m good. I’m good.” I was like “how do you not want any damn pain medicine, man?” He was like, “Nah, it’s [the bullet] just lodged under my skin and it’s going to fall out.” I was like “damn man, at least take a Tylenol or something, dog.” I see a little bit of the comments that it’s a fucking publicity stunt, but come on man. Who the hell would take a bullet in the head?

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6 Responses to “Green Lantern Talks to Complex”

  1. Jay-Peso Says:

    damn, eskay. U dont sleep either

  2. AJ Says:

    argh wow so amazing…

  3. Mr Starks Says:

    arghhh second too cool for school. Such a fucking dumb conversation. Argh i juts want to murda this stupid rappers

  4. Mr Starks Says:

    Damn AJ sup with jacking spots damn, nxt time…still murdering dumb rappers though, and to think i thought Uncle Murda was a tad cool , i mean he brought a bit of spice to the brooklyn song by fab and Jay Z

  5. spotrusherz Says:

    uncle murda is the perfect example why content and lyricism arent the only thing that matter when it comes to rap. im from the old school but give me murda over talib anyday, word up. these rappers need to stop with all the shittalking on youtube/dvd’s though, green lantern is absolutely right about that. gossip is a female trait. can’t really blame the rappers though as long as fans like 2x are buying into it.

  6. J Money Says:


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