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Video: Mickey Factz EPK

I’m not completely averse to hipster rap, but I’m still not too sure about this guy, but I’m willing to remain open to him on the strength of this.

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32 Responses to “Video: Mickey Factz EPK”

  1. nation Says:


    Pete Rock EPK >

  2. pockets Says:

    no godbody shit

    ^*ghostrides the notepad in which im going to write the word “godbody”*

  3. Sean Coonery Says:

    Shawty Lo vs. T.I. = Uncle Murder vs. Papoose

    Beef nobody talks about or cares…

  4. eskay Says:

    *prays to Pesci*


    hipster rap = drippin with wack juice

  6. nation Says:

    … i’ll drive there to pick up a copy if necessary …

    ^ prepares heist

  7. pockets Says:

    true story: no one cares about any rap beefs, period. from my time away from nah, ive learned just how insignificant the headline “uncle murda disses papoose” is, no shots fired at eskay triple pause


    LOL @ ES..



  9. Money Mike Says:

    ooo shit, mickey fuckin factz. hes the truth

  10. Nahwhat? Says:

    How is it hipster rap? bcuz he’s not talking about beef & Rims? Ya’ll are brainwashed…Yaahh trick Yahh..is that better?

  11. Mikey Spraycan Says:

    Mickey Factz is deff one of the best new rappers out, Heaven’s Fallout might be better than any mixtape out this year.

  12. Deano Says:

    Honestly, he wasn’t sayin nuthin’…but I like the movement, due to the fashion, non-violence and mainly, its another branch from the tree a hip-hop…yet still dudes have always been chattin’ on techno beats since the early 90’s-Bar 16/Coney Island Hign-St.Marks’ NYC…Its nothing new but I like the movement-crunk,screw,hipster rap,booty music,gansta,grime (UK)-all hip-hop.

  13. embark Says:

    You rocking Gold Supra’s in your promo shots, You Hipster rap. Period
    In terms of MCing: Factz > Cool Kids.
    Cool Kids got the hipster crowd on smash tho.

  14. Nahwhat? Says:

    Thats the problem…People always like to put labels on everything. Hip-hop culture hasn’t evolved in a long time and people are scared of change. Having Gold Supras on doesn’t constitute it being “Hipster rap”…If he had on Black Nike Boots would that make it “Gangsta Rap?” Jay-z did an album with Linkin Park is he a Rock Rapper now?? All I say is don’t let the powers that be brainwash you….Labels are for suckers!! Lets just call it HIP-HOP..Honestly I blame the label thing on the media. I’m not the biggest Mickey Factz fan but I respect his direction.

  15. cheaaaa Says:

    cant knock him.

  16. cheaaaa Says:

    the only thing i have an issue with is how you go from:




    you go from mlk love and freedom with african americans to spazzin in a barbershop talkin bout “ridin with the shotti”? now in the epk he talkin bout “no guns”. . .not sure if he’s a poser or not.

  17. LaFemme Says:

    He’s is the future of music. You can give hand 2 muddy socks to him &he will make a song about it of the top of his dome & it will be hot. He’s made music of almost all genres. I have all his mixtapes, even the ones before he started doing free downloads. Every mixtape gets better. Heavens Fall Out is poppin! You should catch one of his shows, they are awesome. Yall should stop sleeping on Mickey Factz. You know they sell Red Bull on every corner Bodega!

    Everyone is entitled to voice their opinion. Mr. Nah Right, I predict that Mickey Factz’s music will grow on you by the summer time.


  18. ohnahnah Says:

    sorry this nigga is hot garbage garbagio oscar the grouch in the trash

  19. Peter Turbo Says:

    Wale >Pac Div>Mickey Factz>Cool Kids

  20. kash for keepz Says:

    mickey factz. ..wtf,wait let me spell that out,what the fuck is a mickey factz. ..i’m not hating or anything,but dude is really trying too hard,he looks like he just learned how to rap,he need to step his bars up

    don’t nobody wanna scoop up a shorty in the V with no techno rap,bitch gone take her seatbelt off immediately,”fall out heaven”.. “college dropout”,cmon now let’s be serious now,he kanye shadow ahahaha

    he prolly wrote them other comments himself,i know there aint anybody on here cock surfin’ like that.. best new artist and best mix-tape yeah okay ya boy needs to that silly ass hat off and them square frames. ..

  21. Yellow Rebel Says:

    I’ve followed some of Mickeyz work on and off for a few years. He doesn’t strike me as hipster rap…more like a Hypebeast type (peep hypebeast.com if you’re not familiar). I always felt as if artists like El-P or Aesop Rock kind of fit into that hipster hip-hop category, I could be mistaken. Mickeyz music is cool. It’s just this….

    One minute its this http://youtube.com/watch?v=BTySa-ij800

    next minute its this….http://youtube.com/watch?v=QBuZUJpbjTI

    leaving me “?”

  22. TruthBeknown Says:

    ^^^but shorty gonna want to hop in the ride thats “gun totin, gun smokin’…blah blah”…ignorance is bliss

    The music is cool…has a nice vibe to it…adds a whole new dimension to the game…plus im sure he’s loving the kanye comparisons, since he’s the only one gettin it rite now.

    Don’t be mad cuz he stylin on you…with Gold Supras on.

  23. Tampasolar Says:

    kash for keepz about sums it up best.

  24. h.e.r. Says:

    mickey’s cool with me, get that heavens fallout

  25. Come On Now Says:

    It’s hard to even listen to someone who thinks he doing something that hasn’t already been done. lol. 2016 try late 80″s early 90’s …Fast Eddie among others already did this, Hip Hop like all Black culture reinvents itself, even repeats itself.

    And by trying not to hate i won’t mention the fact he’s posing in luxury cars fronting like a lot of cats, then going back to the apt. studio to humble.

    let the music speak for yourself until you get a publicist or do some research on the history of your art form.

  26. nahmean08 Says:

    Cosign with Kash for keepz…….shit is trash wanna be “cool” rap………shit is a trend and all trends die……he’ll have to reinvent hisself again when the whole “hipster” thing fades out

  27. MikeLyte Says:

    #1 – I wouldn label him as Hipster rap. He just raps and recently had a run of rocking over techno.
    #2 – Is he a good MC? Absolutely damn near great but he’s a little gassed. His crew GFC claims people bite his style like Kanye and that’s pure silliness. Like Kanye cares about Mickey Factz.
    #3 – It’s either rap or back on the ave for this guy. He never went to college.
    #4 – He went from spitting conscious to talking about guns to now clothes and fashion. Who are you? His brotha been in street trouble, but not Mick.
    #5 – I give them credit for being the leaders of their movement or niche, but I also feel they don’t deliver. Well, he doesn’t. He was supposed to rap with Pharell or sign with him and that never happened. Atlantic, Capitol never happened.

    In the end, great rapper and despite what his crew may think, there’s no direction.

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  30. kash for keepz Says:

    please that dude could never style on me,lol not with that russian soldier hat,he needs to take that shit off and put on his thinkin’ cap like steve,gold supra’s c’mon now let’s leave those to chad muska. ..

    i think it’s just that he’s doing what’s in now,and everyone’s using fashion to get into the industry,if you take a look around everyones trying to look something their not,like oh! new trend construstion work hat.. .=(,he just wants to be accepted lol

    but anywho look out for that “KASH FOR KEEPZ”,it’s kash you can keep!
    on another note “www.myspace.com/kashklueatf”

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