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Crooked I – Hip Hop Weekly #47


Over Capo’s Love Me No More beat.

Crooked I – Hip Hop Weekly #47

Download his new mixtape, St. Valentine’s Bossacre, free of charge/

Crooked I signs a deal

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6 Responses to “Crooked I – Hip Hop Weekly #47”

  1. MEFDOC Says:


  2. Soprano Says:

    fuck crooked

  3. koolg Says:

    crooked i > your favorite rapper.
    don’t be mad

  4. DJ Dee Says:

    this is gonna be tight…
    top 3 west coast rappers
    1. snoop dogg
    2. the game
    3. crooked i
    *honorable mention – glasses malone

    disagree, holla at me via myspace….www.myspace.com/therealdjdee

  5. koolg Says:

    i said it back in the day and i’ll say it now
    crooked is ahead of his time…..all he needs to do is drop the album and everyone is gonna jump on the bandwagon

  6. What!!!!! Says:

    Thats dope. You hear that Snoop Doggs new album Ego Trippin is dropn March 11th. I mean it has to be insanely dope his first single was Sensual Seduction. How dope is that. Its gonna be insane. Heres that video you wanted to check out its classic Snoop. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oE8Erd9cpAk

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