Video: J-Hood – Man Down (D-Block Diss)

Joshua ft. Body Bagz.

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46 Responses to “Video: J-Hood – Man Down (D-Block Diss)”

  1. BK2LV Says:


  2. BK2LV Says:

    i like d-block but those d-flop shirts are funny

  3. sleep Says:

    Happy presidents day george washington »» abraham lincoln

  4. juju757 Says:

    FUCK D-BLOCK!!!!!

    D-FLOP!!!!!…LOL :-)

  5. juju757 Says:

    FUCK D-BLOCK!!!!!

    D-FLOP!!!!!…LOL :-)

  6. juju757 Says:

    FUCK D-BLOCK!!!!!

    D-FLOP!!!!!…LOL :-)

  7. juju757 Says:

    FUCK D-BLOCK!!!!!

    D-FLOP!!!!!…LOL :-)

  8. BK2LV Says:

    you can hear how sheek used to write for this nigga now he can barely stay on the beat

  9. sleep Says:

    Joshua damm that sound like a nigga in prep school

  10. sleep Says:

    Sheek was a ghost writer lmao that was a waste of money

  11. cMac Says:


  12. RIGZ Says:

    This beats nice…

    But J Hood’s….well….J Hood.

  13. sleep Says:

    What ever happend to dblock records I remember when these niggas was bagging about how their CEO’s

  14. boogie Says:

    Sheek first solo album was aiight translation-better than expected

  15. sleep Says:

    Lmao @ def jam advertising rick ross new single on this web site when this web site give the music for free

  16. That Man Says:


    Look at Lebron dunk all over poor Dirk.

    “Mmmmmm taste my arm, bitch”

  17. sleep Says:

    Jadakiss is a waste of good talent sheek has no talent and styles was the only one that stayed on his grind

  18. BK2LV Says:

    Sheek was a ghost writer lmao that was a waste of money


    sheek wrote all about the benjamins……

    I def wouldnt laugh at that….

  19. sleep Says:

    Leave dirk alone niggas stay picking on white people. Sports is black getting back @ whites for slavery

  20. sleep Says:

    Whoes verses sheek wrote on all about the benjimans and every wack rapper has 5-10 hot verse in him

  21. Laff Says:

    im diggin the spray-on chinstrap..

  22. sleep Says:

    Every time I think bout sheek I remember him wearing the shinney green famer brown in mase feel so good video

  23. boogie Says:

    Nah homeboy jada aint a waste the nigga subject matter just extremely limited he like the person everyone know who can tell u a lot about guns weed n jail but got no idea what a beacon score is

  24. RIGZ Says:

    Sheek is far from wack, he’s just got an unorthadox style…

    …Sheek’s nice…

    …Jada’s nicer…

    …Styles is better than 95% of MCs…

    LOX are an ill group

  25. sleep Says:

    True I never heard jada talk about some deep shit. That song why was just about shits people use to say in the hood and he put it into a song

  26. Paperstacker Says:

    zzzzzzzzzz. Go do something with your life Joshua. This nigga is a joke.. The irony of wearing a D-flop t-shirt when this nigga himself had his album pushed back for about 6 years and hasn’t sold any records in his life, and the future ain’t looking too good. That shirt is an automatic loss for him. This is some corny beef. Every time a crew break up you got that one nigga talking greesy and disrespecting the people they were working for yesterday. smh at that mentality.

  27. boogie Says:

    That’s his achilles heel u get tired of him saying he got a porsche the same color as water

  28. sleep Says:

    Anybody with a half of brain know that styles is better than kiss cause styles make songs and he could rhyme about any subject

  29. boogie Says:

    Jae hood garbage people only checked 4 him because the cosign from the lox n say what u want that lox album with that middle finger on it was serious

  30. boogie Says:

    Jae hood garbage people only checked 4 him because the cosign from the lox n say what u want that lox album with that middle finger on it was serious

  31. sleep Says:

    I feel why joshua feels slighted because he did had a buzz about 4 yrs ago and he sat back and watch santana, banks and cassidy come out with albums. But he was signed to a label ran by guys with no business smarts so what u expect.

  32. sleep Says:

    The lox first album was too pop and the second album was wack cause they cried about puff jerking them on every song.

  33. ILLAIM Says:

    It’s always funny to see subgroups that once where under another express there true feelings when they are free (odg/ d-blaock)

    While I’m tired of hearing about Haitians chopping people up, and the first dude was borderline wack, Hoods verse was cool and telling.

    This is still a shame tho.

    Hood should dropped around 02-03, but he got pimped by Curtis in a massive way and now is feeling the effects of it

  34. yaboy Says:

    this beat is ill… some funny lines too…

  35. jersey da new new york Says:

    @ b2kluv..or bklv2..or wateva the fuck ur name is…


  36. pr0lif Says:

    sheek definately fell off from the bad boy days, but every now and again he can put out something good. Jada, Why? prolly the best in the camp that we never hear, and Styles P i really became a fan this past year cus he been on his GR. SmH at this video, this is why new york niggas don’t get on…

  37. Craft Says:

    Killin brothas? Cooking crack? That aint gangsta! That’s bitch made. Wake up y’all.

  38. that guy Says:

    smh…this nigga spent his whole advance on them shirts

  39. tyrone biggums Says:

    BK2LV Says:
    February 18th, 2008 at 2:08 am
    Sheek was a ghost writer lmao that was a waste of money


    sheek wrote all about the benjamins……

    I def wouldnt laugh at that….

    sleep Says:
    February 18th, 2008 at 2:13 am
    Whoes verses sheek wrote on all about the benjimans and every wack rapper has 5-10 hot verse in him

    ………. WRONG ……… JADA wrote all about the benjamins and this is not debatelable it’s actual fact, do your research homie……

  40. Ahuh Says:

    Josh is hurt..i guess the guys at D Block really did a number on him..We Love you Josh homo

  41. C. Trilla Says:

    these niggas look like they bout to get on x-pills and get in the shower with one another….lmao….J-Hood’s a gremlin lookin mothafucka….lol

  42. the beat box Says:

    styles and kiss are gonna eat these dudes.

  43. 7:30 Says:

    any nigga that says sheek is wack is a fool. u obviously arent up on yur mixtape game, peep “the howling”. shits fire. whoever said he’s not wack but has an unothodox style got it exactly right. his flow is more conversational than straight on a,b,a,b rhyme scheme. sheek has improved over the years.

    styles has been and always will be “that nigga”.my personal dblock fav.
    Jada is a beast lyrically. his flow is smoother than vsop and could outspit 95% of mc’s pound for pound.


  44. KIIDD Says:

    Sheek Louch Say’s:

    “J-Hood is still gonna be a star and is a hot rapper,” Sheek tells exclusively. “He is just being 50’s puppet as we speak in a very childish attempt to hurt D-Block, which in no way he can. Lyrically, I would never go at it with Joshua. It’s way too many things that I’ve been there for him as a father figure that he would not like if I spoke on. Not to mention, he is nowhere on the level as me or my partners — The LOX. And not to mention, we were never beefing. [So] for him to be talking so tough, just because we are not doing business, doesn’t mean we have to end on a bad note. Especially if you or nobody you be with is built that way. So I really don’t get lil’ guy. You see [Funkmaster] Flex and every DJ saying they will never play another J-Hood song again. He is hanging himself and I hope he gets a grip and thinks for himself like I taught him to. But I still wish ‘Hood the best in life and music.”

  45. KIIDD Says:

    [Laughs] I swear to God, I go outside and my *****s say the same thing, “Yo, Louch, this *****, he want it with you.” I didn’t even have the talk with him. Him and Styles had the talk about going their separate ways. I don’t know why he’s calling me out. Yo, Hood, when your stepfather was touching on your body, fam, I went and ran in your house and got ’em. Me and my goons ran in and got your step-pops for you. And a list of other things, but I just want to throw that one out there to sting him a little bit. That was me. Remember, Hood? That’s big homie. And I still don’t have no beef with you, until this day. But you getting out of hand. I may have to smack you on your head a little bit and [make him] stand in the corner or something. [Laughs] After I work out every day, at least four times a week, I go eat my lunch in front of [J-Hood’s] house. I sit there, beep the horn, make my calls, chill [and] wait to see who comes in. [Laughs] Yo, Hood, did you move or something? Why are you doing all this tough guy **** for? Business-wise, I get why he’s saying, “Damn, I want off and I just want to spread my wings and do my thing.” Hood, I been there and I definitely get you on that. You feel our business relationship is exhausted and you wanna try some other stuff. People are [just] not respecting that you’re trying to get with 50 and the way you’re going about talking **** about us.

  46. Thomas Says:

    What the fuck? They are singing? G-Unit helped with this song! I got to say, he is another Game…Where is the “D-Flop” tattoo? Got the shirts, need a tattoo bitch. And SINCE FUCKING WHEN is Jae Hood a blood?! He been rocking the Bs for the last few videos…You are not a blood little one…I lost my respect for you…You are never going to sell…Anyway…Fuck Gay-hood.

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