Mixtape Monday: Young Dro – I Am Legend

Young Dro - I Am Legend

Nah Right (comment section) favorite, and Tip protégé, Young Dro’s new mixtape. Don’t expect these every week.

Grand Hustle Presents DJ Scream & MLK/Young Dro – I Am Legend

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15 Responses to “Mixtape Monday: Young Dro – I Am Legend”

  1. G7 Says:

    everybody forgot about dro

  2. DeWitz Says:

    Dro has a mixtape called I Am Legend? wtf is he a legend at??? lmao

  3. mf air Says:

    at being overrated

  4. RAP IS CRAP Says:

    Isn’t ‘Jig Rap’ over..?

    Why do these Moo-moo’s keep getting budgets and release dates..?

    “Teeth & Eyes, Teeth & eyes…Keep smiling!”

  5. The Truth... Says:

    I’m not necessarily a fan….but there’s a big difference between thinking this ^^^ and actually writing it somewhere….that makes you a hater.

  6. Peter Turbo Says:

    I got lofts ins Boston

  7. twerkolator Says:

    good lookin’ eskay…

  8. Joe Turksta Says:

    Dro looks like he gonna get aids in that CD Cover. Biohazard symbols usually represent “there are used syringes in here so don’t touch”.. Yet Dro… Goes right into it and sits with the shit. Goood oneee!

  9. eskay Says:

    Dro > T.I.P.

  10. 911 Says:

    Props Nate. I concur Esk.

  11. drohican Says:

    wat da fuck is yall problems Dro is da shyt he is like the 1-5 best rappa

    1.Lil Wayne
    4.Young Jeezy
    5.Luda and Andre 3000

  12. XXLmag.com | Hip-Hop On A Higher Level | » Winning At Shuffleboard Says:

    […] Like “Funky Cold Medina.” […]

  13. Will Says:

    Seems like Dro got a lot of haters

  14. Phill Says:

    Yal are so lame

  15. Phill Says:

    Yal are so lame the way yal hate on him. he has such a unique flow it’s crazy. anything he puts out is crack. He’s a legend at ripping. god you’re so lame

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