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Lloyd Banks Freestyle

Radio rip.

LLoyd Banks Freestyle (Feb. ’08)

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7 Responses to “Lloyd Banks Freestyle”

  1. yeah me 2 Says:

    im that nigga b

  2. skinnykennyp Says:

    hate it or love it, 08′ is gonna be huge for the Unit!

  3. RazLDN Says:

    If 08 is the year the unit comes back………i hope banks gives us more of them punchlines like pre-‘hunger for more’.

    The beat is nasty…….

  4. luis Says:

    NAAAAICE!!!! WOW…..I see esGay sweating bullets over this freestyle. WHAT A FAG!!!!

  5. RazLDN Says:

    i had it on repeat for 20mins now……….whats the beat?

  6. juju757 Says:

    that’s cam’s old beat from the album come home with me…the intro :-)

  7. Electric L Says:

    Blue Hefner

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