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KRS-One Preps New Stop The Violence Track

Last week in LA, KRS connected with over 50 MC’s to record the new anthem for his relaunch of the Stop The Violence Movement.

Over a three day period from February 7-9, The Game, Chamillionaire, Nelly, David Banner and 55 other artists joined Kris at the Los Angeles Recording School to record new audio and video for the initiative. A number of artists from the LA underground also turned out to show support, including Rakaa Iriscience of Dilated Peoples, and Planet Asia. The legendary MC has also confirmed future contributions from artists such as 50 Cent, Busta Rhymes, Snoop Dogg, Fat Joe, Cassidy, Lil Wayne, Rick Ross, Lil Mama, Talib Kweli and MC Lyte.

A teaser version of the song will be released this coming Monday.  

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13 Responses to “KRS-One Preps New Stop The Violence Track”

  1. Will U. Ho aka Phil da Advil aka Will Jacksome Jackson aka William Swagspeare aka Dick Widthenberry Says:

    Click I got some Funny

    and Side-Note KRS-1 has an amazing Nose!

  2. G7 Says:


  3. cMac Says:

    not first

  4. G7 Says:

    hopefully this campaign can make some kind of difference. youth today are hard of hearing though so…

  5. Will U. Ho aka Phil da Advil aka Will Jacksome Jackson aka William Swagspeare aka Dick Widthenberry Says:

    Seven Did you read my post? I think I went in, LOL!

  6. G7 Says:

    whudup Fux? I’ll chek it now(n/h)

  7. Da PartyStarter Says:

    I think kids today are too savvy and knowitall-ish to really peep this kinda game. I hope I’m wrong.

    BTW, WillU, that picture of the smidget is effin’ scary. That’s the type of shit that’ll give me bad dreams. Shit’s just creepy….Could you imagine accidental sittin’ on that little mo’fo’? (no gerbils) Or worse yet, imagine that lil mofo tryin’ to bully you? No win what so ever. That mufukka can’t even shop at baby gap. You gotta buy doll clothes and shit.

  8. Will U. Ho aka Phil da Advil aka Will Jacksome Jackson aka William Swagspeare aka Dick Widthenberry Says:

    Ya DaP dude is mad cool looking …..in a wierd way

  9. AD Says:

    Repost, I know, I know (c) Pharrell

    (First of All, no homo for the entire post…) Fuck a weak-ass Valentine’s Day! The only thing I’m feelin bout today is my burfday in 2 weeks. This is my anthem for today youtube.com/watch?v=eJunijzmjks (Pharcyde – Otha Fish 4 u lazy fuckers) , and any other tracks recommended for the anti-V’day playlist would be appreciated. Matter fact, who can come up with the best “Fuck Valentine’s day” tracklist (Might have to do a mix)! Grand prize to be announced later… so far the other tracks I’ve got:

    Gangstarr – Ex To the Next Girl

    Girls Ain’t Nuthin But – Fresh Prince

    What These Bitches Want – DMX

    Just A Friend – Biz Markie

    Girls, Girls, Girls – Hov

    P.S. Biggie – One More Chance (original not the remix)

    P.S.S. – @Greens – so u agree the Fugees make the top-ten wackest? I could think of some worse ones but how many did numbers like them?

  10. AD Says:

    What up BK,

    Good post, sorry I didn’t peep b4 I lightweight hijacked the concept.

    No harm no foul?

  11. Joe Turksta Says:

    We have a Stop The Violence track in production at the moment here in New Zealand with some of our best artists. I look forward to it coming out. As for the KRS one. All good!

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  13. Lisa Duncan Says:

    Krs-One is always coming up w/ something– I guess this idea was good but redunant– -2010 looks better for him with fresh ideas like the EP w/ Just Ice–or, then again that’s old too LOL– fresh ideas like his controversial work with that rapper Greenie on their “It’s ALL Good” album

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