Video: Lupe Fiasco on Racism

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23 Responses to “Video: Lupe Fiasco on Racism”

  1. BKScribe Says:


  2. thekid10705 Says:

    sing boy, sing!!! get the fuck outta the raps and tight denim thing son, please don’t preach, please!!!

  3. $***M-ROC***$ Says:

    this motherfucker is an idiot. real spit.

  4. farsideoff Says:

    i don’t think racism is ever needed…he’s crazy.

  5. ant Says:

    nah lupe has a good mind i like what he was talking about..its better then rapper talking that bang bang shot em up shty

    Fav Rappers SKyzoo And Lupe thats it

  6. anons Says:

    “Self leadership”- yes!!

    “drug dealer schoolin Obama”- no fuckin way..Obama is on some metaphyûical lecdership. whatvere the dÚug dealor has to say, he’s destúoyin thç lives of black peopl so get outta here with that shit.%

    “RacKsm”- racism is basicall{ white øeople’s fear of the domãnate geæe of people of color, black people being the chief threat as our genes are the strongest. Simple as that. Racial harmony means the races mix, which means white peopl disappear and they don’t want that, thats why that shit may never happen

    And Lupe kinda disqualified himself with previously unfinformed statements

  7. J Grilla Says:

    i fux wit lupe

  8. J Grilla Says:

    ^^^ nh

  9. Experience Says:

    He sounds more and more like a corny ass dude the more he opens his mouth…he’s goes against the grain for the sake of going against the grain..and thats CORNBALL…you fake ass Bruce Lee-Roy….I hope someone punches you in the teeth

  10. Paperstacker Says:

    Lupe stick to rapping so you don’t sound like a brainless idiot. I bet some illiterate narrow minded cunt flap will cosign this because they are a stan or something. Seriously please………..

  11. b-bo Says:

    lupe is a fucking moron. on some pseudo-intellectual shit all the time… fucking hypocrite…good for 14yo kids that like to feel like they know a thing or two

  12. Paul E Says:

    The only thing Lupe said that made any sense at all… was in describing the divide between the Hip-Hop Generation and the Civil Right’s Generation. The rest of that shit he pure garbage! He’s an intellectual light weight… trying too hard to sound like he’s read a book. Furthermore, this lil’ nigga’s head would straight twist off his shoulders if he ever even tried to drop science and battle Barack intellectually. Is he serious?! I was waiting for him to turn to the camera and say you’ve been Punk’d!

  13. Prop-rawr-ly Says:

    hes just basically sayin Obama can be our leader but to some people hes just another person just cause you follow what he says kids in the streets dont have to their leader might be a dope boy or maybe a pimp…to each his own?

    the racism thing is kinda…eh although he said he hates racism – it was stupid to say it was necessary

  14. RealLive Says:

    Lupe`s just a fraud, he state`s false accusations on
    Malcolm & M.L.K..& furthermore he`s rejecting Obama.
    Even though he`s a “Muslim” he`s not 100 procent,
    Cause he rejects Equality, the people of Islam is for
    Equality, Lupe is just a rapper who uses gimmicks &
    mediocre marketing scheme`s.
    its funny he even got fans at this rate

  15. Mr.White Says:

    Racism is actually a natural defence system. All human beings have it . It’s a fear for everything that’s different from yourself or your known environment. We developed this fear trough evolution, a reflex to survive.
    It only takes brains to know we dont have to fear eachother for skincolor, we are all the same. So if it is ‘necessary’!? I duno, not for skincolor it is.

  16. SILO Says:

    nah that’s a good post, and i think there is a lot of truth in what he especially about racism being injected through learning history. I don’t agree with him that racism is a necessary evil, but damn sure respect his opinion and I’m glad to hear him voice it, and I don’t even fuck with his music like that. He gave me something to think about for today…oh yeah and I don’t think he was necessarily taking shots at obama…i think he used obama as an example of a political leader.

  17. SILO Says:

    it’s sad that motherfuckers be talking flack on here all day but only ten people wanna talk about this shit

  18. ayeyo Says:

    pretty interesting

  19. Paul E Says:

    “Those that fail to learn from history, are doomed to repeat it.”

    ~Winston Churchill

    “It is said that history repeats itself, but we are only doomed to relive our past if we fail to learn from it. The past is not a map to where you are going, it’s a record of where you have been. Its purpose is not to drag you back through emotional muck, but to serve you best by reminding you of lessons learned so you can avoid them in the future.”

    ~from React or Respond by Kimberly and Tom Goodwin

    “History injects racism in you”

    ~Lupe Fiasco


  20. fries Says:

    # farsideoff Says:
    February 13th, 2008 at 1:50 am

    i don’t think racism is ever needed…he’s crazy.


    What he said makes sense if you consider that racism was needed to for European countries to colonize the New World, Africa, Vietnam, Middle East, to get the gold, diamonds, rubber, labor, oil, and land without trading or paying for it.

    Or here in America, racism was to the advantage of whites who wanted to seize Indian land, mine it, and farm it. Not to mention the labor-saving institution of slavery.

    On the other stuff, he’s no less articulate than Nas about Nigger, or Mos Def was when he came on Bill Maher. In his lyrics, I think he’s actually more politically insightful than most conscious rappers, or himself when he talks.

    I’ve learned not to expect a lot from “conscious” entertainment of any kind, from rap, punditry, Michael Moore documentaries, or political movies that aren’t documentaries.

  21. Omgtherko Says:

    M Roc you’re an idiot. I can tell by your name, and as well as farsideoff. If there wasnt racism, the world would not be what it is today. Racism is just like competition, People always want to be number one. And we live in a competitive world. So don’t judge lupe on what he says. He speaks the truth. We’ve all learned from it, and we hope it goes away, which is not going to happen. And Fries, don’t type the “N” word ever again. don’t think you can get away with it either, you just wanted to type the shit and you know damn well you didnt have to use it. With punctuation set aside, The world has gotten better. And yes there are going to be some stupid critics out there who wanna criticize what they can’t, won’t and will never do. So Lupe speaks the truth. Whether you like it, or not.

  22. Chris Says:

    Paul E, that quote sounds like you got it from a video game. You need to stay off of Call of duty, and stop pretending like you know something. You’re no smarter than a 5th grader so grow up. Lupe knows what he’s talking about. Otherwise he wouldn’t have said that stuff in the interview. See unlike you, he can speak and think outside of the box.

  23. blahahaha Says:


    im so mad because i really liked lupe… but now hes saying all this shit. sounding like a douche. know what im saying?

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