Shyne’s Dad Elected Prime Minister of Belize

One of my Belizean readers was mumbling something in the comments yesterday about something hip-hop related going down in Belize recently. I’m guessing this is what he was talking about.


Over the weekend the country of Belize elected Dean Barrow as its first black prime minister. The small Central American nation nestled between Mexico and Guatemala elected Barrow over the incumbent Prime Minister Said Musa who was accused of the embezzlement scandals and financial mismanagement in recent years.

So you’re probably asking yourself why the hell I’m mentioning this, especially at a time when we’ve got our own electoral competition going on here. You’re probably also wondering that last name sounds familiar. It’s because the new Prime Minister Barrow is actually the father of the imprisoned Jamal “Shyne” Barrow. 


That’s ill. Spotted via Miss Info.

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12 Responses to “Shyne’s Dad Elected Prime Minister of Belize”

  1. BKScribe Says:


  2. Two-Times Says:

    swagger jacked from Belize…

  3. Two-Times Says:

    One of my Belizean readers was mumbling something in the comments yesterday about something hip-hop related going down in Belize yesterday

    oh ok, you gave props… word ….

  4. G7 Says:

    first Land, now Cold hangs up the keyboard. wow! all the best

    *daps all*

  5. Jimmy Valentime Says:

    I worte this about Shyne for smoking

    “Me, I want what’s coming to me.”
    “Oh, well… what’s coming to you?”
    “The world, Chico…”

    Now with that being said, Shyne has been gone for a very long time. Throughout the years that he’s been in prison, we have seen the Twin Towers fall, been involved in two wars, and NYC has had two mayoral elections.

    The first time I heard of Shyne was through a rap magazine put out by Vibe called “Blaze” in the fall of ‘98. The article was about how after being courted by the industry for over a year, Bad Boy won the bidding war to have Shyne on their label, defeating both Def Jam and Atlantic. Shyne was a bit of a mystery since he did not have a heavy underground buzz before his signing. While this sparked my interest is that it took a good six months before anyone of us actually heard him on the remix for “Sitting Up In My Room.”

    Due to the deepness of Shyne’s voice and his association with Puff, there were accusations of him mimicking Biggie. While they both have deep voices, their styles are almost mirror opposites. Biggie’s talent as an emcee never took away from his self-deprecating nature. Shyne on the other hand is all icy bravado and nihilism. Stylistically, he is a lot similar to the detached persona of Prodigy, without Prodigy’s occasional bouts of guilt and depression.

    Another aspect to his Shyne’s persona was his desire for the finer things in life, perhaps only rivaled Tony Montana. Personally, the Scarface comparison can go even deeper. Shyne’s fascination with the good life reminds me of members of my family when they came to this country. For the readers who don’t know, even though he wasn’t marketed as an immigrant, Shyne came to America in his early teens and claims to be the son of a former President of Belize. In magazine interviews, Shyne said his father shunned both him and his mother. His lyrics about luxury items coincides with the views of many people who come to this country, They believe America is a product you purchase into, not a set of ideas or standards. They associate Americanism with consumerism and this is part of what I see in Jamal Barrow.

    Despite Shyne being heavily marketed and hyped, his debut album was devoid of the usual Bad Boy finger prints. Even though Bad Boy released the album, they distance themselves from their new star. This was due to the controversy involving the infamous Club NY shooting. Most will interpret this as Puff distancing himself and the company from the looming trial. I felt it was more due to Shyne being a force that would not have his own world view diluted.

    In the spring of 2008, Shyne is set to be released. For people that will count him out cause of age (he is 28) or question his relevance to the new era, I would like you to remember that “every dog has his day….

  6. Phuque Says:

    >>and major props to Peter Turbo…..he shot a couple of ya’ll niggas…don’t front


    LMAO…he fought a good fight…but his name will remain forever homo.

  7. nine fourteen get that cream Says:

    i never really listened to shyne po like that, but from everything i read he seems like an extremely interesting person. Who wouldve thought that thug from BK shootin the club up with puffy was actually the son of a president, and a devout Jew?

  8. jersey da new new york Says:

    lyke santana said on “Shottas”…SHYNE locked up,cuz SHYNE was a shotta…SHYNE is a small percentage of real ass niggas rappin…and due to that he is really locked up and got himself in a fucked up situation…while all these other clowns exploit the whole fuckiin gangsta shoot em up push keys life in they rhymes,this nigga really livin it…fuck the fakes…SHYNE PO the realest..

  9. KiNGrEx Says:

    For all those that havent yet been down to Belize City, HIT IT UP!!

    Fine as woman everywhere u turn your head to look…
    Had the cabbie take me to his house mad of trash and sheet metal to pick me’s up some dirty ass island budz..Got a two hand fulls for 10 bucks, tip included, wrpped that ish in a tobacco leaf right off the plant and then rolled thru the shanty town in the cabbies beat ass whipo BUMBIN get rich or die was classic

    Check it out for sure, peace

  10. Belize Says:


  11. JBless Says:

    too bad this will have no effect on getting him released

    but props to his dad for making history down there

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