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Jim Jones on Jay-Z: He Was My Favorite Rapper

Capo sat down with Complex and talked (of course) Dipset, Cam, Dame and Jay.

You know why I’m pissed off at him [Jay-Z]? He was my favorite rapper and then he just went out like a dud. He had a chance to do the unthinkable and then he did the unthinkable. Where I’m from, loyalty is everything, above and beyond everything. When you violate that, it fucks everything up. Especially when you were the hustler’s poster child and you chose to become a corporate stepchild.

He goes on to say that he enjoyed some tracks on American Gangster, particularly Success, which features his other arch nemesis. 

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19 Responses to “Jim Jones on Jay-Z: He Was My Favorite Rapper”

  1. decipher Says:


  2. E.MikE Says:


  3. E.MikE Says:

    i just got kanye’d.

  4. That Man Says:

    lol loyalty is everything.

    Jim Jones is pretty funny.

  5. _Desi_ Says:


  6. chea Says:

    dang hajji been posting mad blu joints recently, i think this n*gga been chewing incense like it’s bubble gum [||] or some shit — u mad?!

    btw does budden have any new crack on the internets or did he crawl back into his hole

    i’m afraid this n*gga gonna be quiet for 3 more years then drop 74 trailers for MM4 and then drop that shit in 2011 talkin bout “i just seen you in the club doin the supaman!”

    i’m hoping that doesn’t happen but i’m saying it’s possible

  7. T Nelson Says:

    I wish somebody would just write a Roc A Fella tell all book and get what “really” happened out there….this whole episode has truly turned out to be some secret society shyt…..for what its worth i do think that jay shitted on dame in some shape form or fashion (just my opinion)….but since jay is pretty much the champ of public opinion the masses will go with whateva keeps him in a good light……I am a jay fan but the nigga is human he’s not a H class he has to have some flaws

  8. chea Says:

    btw smh @ jim jones in the lil romeo leather vest [||] shit’s disgustin b

  9. Frank White Says:

    what ever happened to cam’ron…that mixtape did shit..

  10. dronkmunk Says:


  11. dronkmunk Says:

    What’s this a hear about a Jim Jones st. in GTA IV

  12. nine fourteen get that cream Says:

    Jim Jones is talkin like a straight bitch. How can he yap about loyalty when this “capo” only talks to his boss when he runs into him at the bank. smh @ him trying to act like he’s on jays level or like he ever could even approach hov on his worst day. Plus this moron is so wrapped up in trying to make people beleive he’s a “ceo” doing big things when hes clearly an idiot who knows nothing about business. face it son, youre not a business man, you got lucky and caked up off one song. talk shit when youre starting a label with steve jobs.

    In my lifetime vol. 1 >> anything jenny jones has ever put out.

  13. PHENOMENON Says:




  14. Brooklynstandup Says:

    Wasnt this dude on stage with 50 who was beefing with his man? what happen to the loyalty for the nigga that brought you into the game?

  15. maxpower Says:

    hahah no way?? loyalty is everything? dude betrayed cam..and evern worst he was flirting with G-unit on 106 and park…cmon dude is clearly shootin air balls at the basket

  16. Encyclopedia Black Says:

    i remember when he made fun of kanye a few years ago for dressing “funny.” fast forward to now, he’s dressing a little “funny” himself. nice vest. must be from the hip-hop Halford collection.

  17. DocZeus Says:

    It’s amusing to me that Jim Jones thinks that Jay-Z or Nas particularly cares about who he is…

    Thought Process For Both Jay-Z & Nas upon hearing that Jimmy dissed them: Jim Jones? The dude fom that cult with the poison kool-aird?
    Why is he dissing me? I thought he was dead? Who? Cam’ron’s weed carrier? Cam’ron? Whose Cam’ron? Oh, you mean the dude who wears gaudy pink fur coats and is a closet homosexual? His weed carrier dissed me….So what’s for lunch?

  18. Huh? Says:

    How long do we have to put up with this fool? Seriously. He says loyalty means everything. Then he turns around and stands next to a guy his boss is beefing with. Like a petulant child, his excuse is “I do whatever the fuck I want as long as it doesn’t hurt the brand.” Well, guess what? Looking like a disloyal, idiotic, hypocritical fuck HURTS YOUR BRAND!!! He says Jay sold out by taking a corporate position, but claims he was just “learning both sides of the game” when he did it. Basically, his so-called “rules” apply to everybody but him. I don’t get it. Jay and Dame ain’t cool no more, but neither are Jim and Cam, so what is the real difference? Before all this garbage, he has the nerve to say that Jay was his favorite rapper! Are you kidding? Basically he’s like Lil’ Wayne. He’s a Stan whose head got too big and decided to start throwing rocks. We all participate in this hip hop thing and so we need to start taking responsibility for it. That means no longer supporting artists when it becomes obvious that they’re suspect. Certainly not someone who puts “publicity” above loyalty and then turns around and claims loyalty is everything. Certainly not someone who is “90% business, 10% music.” Guess what, Jim? IT SHOWS! U SUCK! For real, this cat is “Ballin” but Ghostface cant even do more than 30K the first week? What kind of world is this? In case y’all couldn’t already tell, I’m fuckin’ disgusted.

  19. hottnikz Says:

    Jim Jones has a nerve talking about loyalty, but I feel him on the corporate thing. It’s just that I’d rather see Jay-Z do own his thing, without the Apple’s and the Steve Jobs. But Jim Jones needs to sit down somewhere all the same.

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