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Video: Sean Price Gets Cheap Yak From Dru-Ha

Dru Ha gives Sean Price a bargain basement bottle of cognac for his birthday.

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8 Responses to “Video: Sean Price Gets Cheap Yak From Dru-Ha”

  1. sleezy Says:


  2. 40 Inch Says:

    Sean price is a fagot kill yourself

  3. EnglandRepresent Says:

    You callin Sean P a faggot with a moniker called ’40 Inch’???

    Pot meet kettle (c) some Nahgger

  4. chea Says:

    cheap ass SIs!

    those short israelis are tight with their shekels (bastards)

    where’s nate the yamaka smacker when you need him [||]

  5. cease Says:

    boot camp clik, man brings me back to highschool. le fleur le fla eskoshkaaaa! that was some funny shit tho

  6. Unxpekted Says:

    Haha Ruck & Rock is a beast.. dont get bodied

  7. Sangano Says:

    That niggahhh holding the camera is annoying as FUCK…SHUT THE FUCK UP!!!

  8. saul goode Says:

    tacky ingrate muthafuckas.

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