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Video: Papoose – Ambulance

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14 Responses to “Video: Papoose – Ambulance”

  1. nation Says:

    New York >>>

  2. PHOENIXXX Says:

    Aside from that hoodie it aint no 9’s on you (c) Budden

  3. thehaytidream Says:

    Phonte > Papoose

  4. Nick Says:

    Go to worldstarhiphop.com/videos/video.php?v=wshhmz2JV608n7Ktu664 for the unedited, version

  5. Tray Says:

    Shit, Gucci Mane >> Papoose.

  6. jb142 Says:

    pap is crap

  7. GREAT ZEEE Says:

    an E for effort

  8. You Niggas Says:

    I swear you niggas go on posts just to talk negatively. When I’m not interested in something I just don’t fuck with it. Just like the crackers who go on rap vids to spill that KKK shit. Y’all lame geek ass niggas and semi-street bitter ass niggas need to kill yourselves. Parasites.

  9. C-ONE Says:

    Does any one even care about Papoose any more?

    His vocals drive me up the wall, somebody give this kid a lollipop….

  10. DaReal Says:

    yea dat sucked

  11. Dave Says:

    He jacked the lady’s scream at the beginning off of “There’s Been A Murder” on Jay’s Vol. 3.

  12. no Says:

    he shoulda left it with the freestyle, this was unneceassy.

    and gucci mane isn’t better than anyone in NY… i don’t care who it is. lmao.. gucci mane… wow extra

  13. Nah Right » Blog Archive » Remy Likely To Get 3-5 Year Sentence Says:

    […] Meanwhile, some fuckery related to her boy Papoose’s street video for Ambulance has come to light […]

  14. borngod malik allah Says:

    the blackman is god.

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