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Video: Air GLC

GLC throws a few down.

Previously: Video: GLC – Honor Me

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7 Responses to “Video: Air GLC”

  1. Astro Says:

    Blueprint 3!

  2. micAh! Says:

    that was pretty funny…always good 2 see that people can still have a good time!

  3. edgar c. Says:

    lol…that was great…

  4. The Most Misunderstood Man Says:

    Yo that video was cool. It’s good to see people don’t take themselves too serious. Live life!!!

  5. That Man Says:

    haha that was actually funny

  6. Smoove Says:

    man, when he fell on the floor, then looked up at the camera with his tongue out…classic.

    this was mad funny, reminds me of when I was really little and we used to get down on the nerf rim.

    ahh, memories.

  7. Mr.Londoner Says:

    gotta go to the pound store and get one of those..

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