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Video: Lloyd Banks – Big Nic Freestyle

Over the Success instrumental. Bogarted from ThisisCurtis.com.

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16 Responses to “Video: Lloyd Banks – Big Nic Freestyle”

  1. Astro Says:

    Blueprint 3

  2. samatchi Says:

    man this yayo man is annoying,
    let the freestyler do his thang

  3. international a**hole Says:

    the unit is almost back
    btw where is buck?
    i hope he has not took a drink out
    of little wayne’s white cup yet

  4. HHF Says:

    wow, no Lloyd Banks hate? Yall be fronting on the kid and the new “animated” flow. Banks is dope.

  5. maxpower Says:

    buck just told some dvd shit hes not fuckin with g unit anymore cuz he aint talkin to 50 enough

    btw that freestyle was str8 trash

  6. ben wade Says:

    not bad from banks compared to what hes done lately – but can he look any more ripped?

  7. RazLDN Says:

    it was straight trash. I just listened to the Banks track on ALC’s First Infantry……..i prefer that Banks anyday

  8. game over Says:

    it wasn’t straight trash. he had some nice multis. looks like he’s off that basic setup/punchline shit. none of the lines were really sharp, but straight trash would be laffy taffy. this is just average banks work. sounds better than what he did on the last g-unit song eskay put up (forgot the title already…it was meh).

    the worst thing about this was it sounded like banks rapped over prerecorded vocals. that’s the wackest thing ever. and LOL @ someone calling this ‘animated’. he has the energy of a cadaver, always did.

  9. i am hip hop Says:

    yall niggas frontin …i dont even like banks but the nigga went in

  10. Frank White Says:

    ol jessica simpson ass nigga

  11. Brian Says:

    Can we get a new name for these “freestyles”? Freesongs? Blockbusters? Mix tape overs? Pre-styles ?

  12. brian Says:

    Can we get a new name for these pre-written verses? Pre-styles? Blockbusters? Free-files? Tape Overs?

    If I expect a freestyle, I should get a freestyle.

  13. Real Talk Says:

    What do you internet critics like? This shit is hot. You homos probably dance naked listening to Will.I.Am.

    This is that NY Gansgta music that’s been missing. Banks rips it with n effort…makes it look easy. Most cats with raspy flows are all animated because they are faking it…that’s his natural rap voice.

    To all you haters…if you loosen up those tight jeans…maybe you could relax and get into some real NY freestyle hip-hop! “The Rap Eli…GIANT”

  14. miltee Says:

    banks was on some big l punchline shit when gunit was on the comeup. The last like 50 freestyles I’ve heard from him have been straight trash though, with little to no punch. He fell off…

  15. SELF ESTEEM Says:

    Banks aint hungry no more. Nicca got a couple millz in the bank. Touring. Gettin mad pussy. He done got lazy. His flow was already monotonous as hell, damn, now the nicca aint puttin hardly ANY effort in it. To think, Yayo’s verse on Feel Good was better than Banks’…I knew he was too smoked out then. That beat. He aint even match the energy of the track. You supposed to GO IN (nh) on that shit. Guess that’s why 50 is the head. [ll] Average at best.

  16. eweheghegh Says:

    LOL! that shit was fucking awful!

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