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Video: Snoop Dogg’s Orange Mobile Ad

Man, has Snoop ever turned down an endorsement deal?

This is a spot for French mobile firm Orange.

Snoop Dogg drops it for Orange ad (Guardian Unlimited)

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6 Responses to “Video: Snoop Dogg’s Orange Mobile Ad”

  1. Soprano Says:

    not sure abt this, i like fatherhood though

  2. VIDEO: Snoop Sells Orange, Still No Word On “Snoopermarkets” « CORPORATE TAKEOVER | The Mouthpiece For Hustlers Says:

    […] Checkout this promo Snoop Dogg did for Orange (FTE), a mobile telecom company located in France. This promo is actually pretty hilarious. I guess Snoop sees the benefits of getting paids in euros too. Too bad he’s still banned from the UK and I’m still waiting for “Snoopermarkets”. [Props to Nahright] […]

  3. the year book Says:

    2nd bitches!! this shit is funny, check out http://www.2008worldyearbook.com be a part of history. the billiondollar website wonder why?

  4. samsemilia Says:

    very cool ! i like it ! it should come here in the german tv !

  5. Capt Crunch Says:

    Oh Please….

  6. jose g.r. Says:

    the funniest was when snoop did the radio ad for cal worthington and his dog spot.

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