Fabolous – Hey Papi Freestyle


More newness off DJ Clue’s Desert Storm Radio 8: I Am Legend.

Fabolous – Hey Papi Freestyle

Some bad chicks didn’t get past the bridge… 

Bonus: Jadakiss ft. Rashad – I’m A Beast (Blend)

Props to Splash 

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106 Responses to “Fabolous – Hey Papi Freestyle”

  1. BK2LV Says:

    killum just b/c i give kiss the benifit of the doubt im gonna blame the dj..

  2. BK2LV Says:

    @ mo sick

    im confused but since we talking about pap this is one of his fav verse for me righ here

    when you alone, everybody talk to theyself
    sometimes its the only way to get across to yourself
    you ever wanted to do somethin but thought to yourself
    or didn’t wanna do somethin but forcin yourself
    you ever did somethin good and been glad for yourself
    or did somethin fucked up so you mad at yourself
    thought about somethin funny and laughed to yourself
    or kept that to yourself
    you ever met another person
    who reminded you in the past of yourself
    why y’all so much alike you askin yourself
    y’all so much alike y’all clash cause it felt
    like he was tryin to be you when he act like himself
    really deep down inside you mad at yourself
    pull the gun and blast at him you blast at yourself
    ever knew somethin was true and then nodded to yourself
    cause you can’t take the truth stop lyin to yourself


  3. Belize Says:



    lmao @ fiddy

  4. buddyholly Says:

    Belize Says:
    lmao @ fiddy

    ^^ u lost if you really think that was 50 airin out biz on the net…

  5. Digital scales Says:

    Yo eskay did you get any Young Texas tracks from DJ Clue?

  6. Encyclopedia Black Says:

    Fab’s freestyles are much better than his albums. Breathe was good and that Brooklyn track off the last album. But aside from that, he spends too much time writing songs for skirts.

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