Video: Blu – Just Another Day

New video from fan favorite Blu. Props to Shake.

Previously: Video: Blu & Exile – So(ul) Amazing

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55 Responses to “Video: Blu – Just Another Day”

  1. embark Says:

    Video is dope, I aint seen it cuz I (like most fans of Blu) wasnt on him in 06. Uhh so STFU.

  2. spiritduke Says:

    I wasn’t a fan of this dude at all but I like this alot I might give his album another listen

    blu&exile below the heavens? yeaaaa – might want to sit down with some headphones zun

    blu and taraach about to drop some 12″too

  3. b cobain Says:

    breath of fresh air

  4. novelsone Says:

    yo embark
    I was referring to the line “New video from fan favorite Blu”
    maybe it’s just me, but that seems to imply that it is a “new video”.
    Uhhh so STFU.

  5. Tiro Says:

    …vid at least 2 years old

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